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A good guitar hero game but a little over-priced. 0

Gameplay The gameplay in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is very similar to the other guitar heroes. The game modes are career, quick play, multiplayer what are co-op where someone plays lead and the other plays bass as all the songs are bass songs and the last multi-player mode is pro face off and in that mode you and another player plays the same song on the difficulty and both have the same amount of notes. The last mode is training what includes tutorials what hasn’t changed since the firs...

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GH80s is an uninspired cash-in 0

I was a big fan of Suicidal Tendencies when I was in grade school. There was just something about about the mix of heavy metal guitars and rap that caught my ear. Naturally, when I found out about lead singer Mike Muir's side project, The Infectious Grooves, I was eager to take a listen. I brought the CD home, popped it in my Discman, and heard a familiar, but slightly warped version of the band that I loved. The Infectious Grooves were a lot less serious in tone, and definitely sprinkled in mor...

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A pretty good expansion, but could have been much better 0

IntroductionFirst things first: Guitar Hero: Rocks The 80's is not a full sequel like GH2. It only has 30 songs, few unlockables, and not as many characters. Because of this, RT80's falls short of some people's expectations. It is a game that only hardcore Guitar Hero players, like myself, will be willing to pay the full $50 for it. While the price tag may be too extreme and may not be the best way to invest your money, you still get a pretty good rhythm game from Harmonix and Red Octane that's ...

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Track Pack For 50 Bucks? 1

Who nowadays hasn’t gotten their proverbial rock on with some guitar hero by now? Whether it was Ozzy who did it for you in the first Guitar Hero or the sweet sound of the Allman Brothers from the second, chances are you have come across this phenomenon by now. Well in the style of milking cash cows for all they’re worth, Activision gives us yet another game to wet our appetites with. Which ordinarily would be a good thing, right?We have all heard it before so let me get it out of the way: Guita...

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Awesome game, for fans only 0

I have a great fondness for rhythm games and 1980's Time Life infomercials, so Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s was really a no-brainer for me. The fun-as-ever gameplay is identical to Guitar Hero II and there’s nothing new in terms of game modes, and yes it was expensive when it came out, but GH: 80s is still a blast. First of all, if you're not one for Guitar Hero in any of its forms, this game is not going to change your mind. Guitar Hero as a series has always been about playing music with ...

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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's Review 1

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's is not a real sequal to Guitar Hero II. It has been called an expansion pack. Well whatever you call it, it can also be called the worst Guitar Hero yet. It is pretty much Guitar Hero II with less content and an 80'c coat of paint.The gameplay stays the same. You play with a mini-guitar. One green, one red, one yellow, one blue, and one orange. On Easy, you only use the green, red, and yellow buttons. On Medium, you use the green, red, yellow, and blue buttons....

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