A rhythm game that's worth getting for the guitar gameplay alone?

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The last game I purchased in the rhythm genre was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock., I loved the hell out of it. I then went on to buy Guitar Hero II and while I didn't love it so much, I still enjoyed playing it. Now with Guitar Hero pretty much becoming  Rock Band's cousin, I was wondering if any of the new "Guitar Hero"/Rock Band games were worth buying for the guitar gameplay alone. I don't have any room in my house at the moment for a plastic drum kit, and would like to venture again in to the rhythm genre.
Any thoughts?

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@FlamingHobo: Guitar Hero: Metallica
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@creamypies said:
" Guitar Hero: Metallica "
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I play Rock Band 2 with no drums, and I love it.

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@creamypies said:
" @FlamingHobo: Guitar Hero: Metallica "
Give me some songs dude. I know Metallica, but not the kickass setlist that might be there.
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I think it'd be worth it if you like the track list enough. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for just the guitar parts. But I'd recommend getting Rock Band 2 so you can pick and choose from it's ridiculous catalogue of songs.

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Setlist is also here
GH: Metallica is my favorite GH to play. The setlist is pretty fun to play, especially if you like a challenge.
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@Themanohall said:
" I play Rock Band 2 with no drums, and I love it. "
I, too, enjoyed Rock Band 2 using the guitar only.

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