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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Ahh... what is left to say about guitar hero?
Well lets start at the beginning, I'll make it quick.
I went out and bought guitar hero 3 on PS3. I had never played any other one.
the only reason i was interested was because i play guitar myself.
and from my first completed song, (lay down - Priestess in medium) i was hooked. the more songs i tried and the harder i played them at, i got more and more hooked to the game.
At one stage i had to stop playing for a day because my fingers jarred (true story)

Since this is very hard to review because the real fun is playing it, ill summarie. (if you care)
the graphics didn't increase in quality a whole lot much but the character animations are much more precise.
The gameplay never changes and is perfect as it is. the sound and licensed tracks are amazing.

If you like metal, hard rock or old rock its here. The storyline is practically non-existent but its not needed.
The replay value is the most amazing thing about guitar hero 3. it will keep you playing for hours at end and if you eventually get bored of the songs on the disk. just log on PSN or xboxlive or what ever. Free and priced song packs are always available.

Graphics: 7.5
Gameplay: 9.9
Sound: 9.0
Story 2.0
Replay value: 10

over all: should be 7.7 im giving it a 9.1 because the story is crap but it is not needed. in fact i would prefer if it is like this. taking the story out of the end result equals to 9.1.
guitar hero 3 is an amazing experience!
If you like guitar or play guitar or are even are mildly interested in guitar, PICK THIS UP!

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