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Stupify.... 0

  Rhythm and music games have become the new darling of the Video Game world in the past five years. Thanks to the innovative gameplay of Guitar Hero for the Playstation 2, they have become the hot ticket for mainstream games. Lately, however, there has been a major influx of these games in all forms, literally saturating the market with three different versions of a guitar game on every system. Some try to be innovative with their creations, such as Harmonix and Rock Band, and some attempt inno...

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It works... but not always. 0

 Let it never be said that developer Vicarious Visions lacks innovation and ambition: These folks have often tried to push the limit of portable hardware, first with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on the Gameboy Advance and then in trying to craft a 60-frames-per-second 3D graphics engine for Spider Man 2 DS on the handheld's launch day. With the new guitar grip, Vicarious Visions has made the unthinkable happen. Guitar Hero: On Tour IS Guitar Hero on your DS. It's not some cut-down version where you...

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Now You Can Play Guitar Hero Anywhere 0

First off, the thing that many people will first notice when opening the game up for the first time is the attachment for the 4 fret buttons to be hooked into the DS. When first putting your hand through the strap and aligning it just right so it feels comfortable can be a little hassle. Once strapped in, pull out that pick and strum over the guitar strings on the touch screen to the notes falling down on the other. Be prepared to experience some missing notes and such while getting used to it b...

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Good but not worth it unless you really want portable! 0

Guitar Hero: On Tour has the same basic game play elements that the last tree had in the past, you press the colour of the note coming down the highway and when it reaches the bottom you strum. In the past though, games had a plastic guitar peripheral, On Tour has a peripheral as well, but you use the DS touch screen to do the strumming. In this guitar hero, the "Guitar-Grip" only has four buttons, but don't let that confuse you, It still has a pretty challenging difficulty. The song selection ...

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House Party 0

I'll start with a confession: I really haven't played much Guitar Hero, and perhaps that's why Guitar Hero: On Tour has been such a hit in our house. My son picked it up last week (it's just come out here in the UK) and he's been steady at it since purchase. He's got smaller hands than I do, and maybe that goes someway to explaining why it's taken me a bit longer to get used to the thing. But, I have to say, having found a comfortable grip (which generally involves me holding the DS snug up agai...

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Rockin' on the Go 0

Activision had people scratching their heads when they announced they would be publishing a DS version of their massively popular Guitar Hero series. There were many questions as to how they could shrink the Guitar Hero experience down to a handheld. Would they use a guitar peripheral, and if so how would they keep it portable? After much speculation, Vicarious Visions showed off their answer to the challenges of bringing Guitar Hero to the DS in the form of the Guitar Grip.The Guitar Grip would...

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Fun gameplay at an uncomfortable price. 0

The Nintendo DS has been known to have unique games that take advantage of the innovative touch screen. Guitar Hero: On Tour not only successfully makes use of the touch screen but it offers fans of the series a chance to be a rock star anywhere they want. Since this is a handheld game the full size plastic guitar is out of the question. Instead On Tour ships with a peripheral that slides inside the Game Boy Advance slot on the DS. The peripheral is essentially a grip which consists of four fr...

0 out of 1 found this review helpful. arthritic bleh 0

Played Through in Fall 2009 So…you play as this guitarist…who plays for this random band whose members’ names, you don’t even know beyond, “that guy with hair over his eyes,” or “that chick with blond dreadlocks”. And SOMEHOW, by playing about 30 covers to, albeit, popular songs…you end up with millions of fans on a boat with a mechanical Medusa and thousands of dollars…while still not sure if you’re drummer is even wearing pants…. I’ve been a fan of the music rhythm genre, big time, since Harmo...

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