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Accentuates everything good and bad about Guitar Hero 1

I'm a bit of a music-game fanatic. Ever since I picked up Guitar Hero on the PS2, I've faithfully followed the genre through every single release. In fact, I'd estimate that over half my time playing video games is spent with rhythm games. So when I heard they were going to make GH6 the "ultimate" version, I was pretty pumped. While I can definitely say it is the ultimate version of Guitar Hero, it's also brings the least to the table.    Before I talk about the actual game, I want to talk abou...

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A Hardcore Look at Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 2

 This is a hardcore look at the recently released Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, a lot of this stuff may sound nitpicky but for the hardcore community I think they are very important.  Just as most reviews you'll find for this game is geared towards the common gaming populace, this is geared towards the hardcore rhythm gaming populace. About My ExperienceInstruments: Guitar/DrumsDifficulty: Expert/Expert+Game Pedigree: GH1-5, GH:M, GH:SHGuitar Hero: Warriors of Rock goes far out of its way to pl...

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XBOX 360 Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 0

 It should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Guitar Hero franchise for the last few years that the most recognizable franchise in music gaming has an identity crisis. Publisher Activision, developer Neversoft and even the series own fans do not know what the purpose of the long running music franchise is anymore. Is it an arcade game with a focus on blazing guitar parts? Is it a single player game with a strong single player component? Is it a full band game trying to appeal to ...

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Warriors Of Rock: A Fitting End 0

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock is the latest (and some say last) game in the guitar hero franchise, i quiescently a music/rhythm game where you have to match different coloured noted to the buttons on a guitar, pads if on the drums and pitch when on vocals (to be fair how you can not know this is beyond me as where have you been for the past 6 years)(?_?). Now back on topic... this is the best guitar hero game ever made... fact! (well my opinion really).The are new features include: Song Length B...

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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review 0

By - Richard J.Over the past few years, the Guitar Hero series has been on an increasingly devastating spiral down. After hitting its hayday in 2006 and Harmonix leaving in 2007, the series seems to have gotten worse and worse. Personally, I was always a huge fan of the Guitar Hero games. I loved the challenge they brought opposed to their competitor Rock Band. It's easy to see that the series was self-destructing, but I was holding out hope for this new entry. Does Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock...

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Better than Rock Band 3, easily 0

For those of you regular readers you’ll know that I’ve always favoured the Rock Band series of games. I love the sheer magnitude of DLC and the general band togetherness has always been much better. In recent months the Rock Band DLC has taken a spiral nose dive, much to my displeasure, when I noticed the new Guitar Hero game. Having previously been grossly disappointed with Guitar Hero 5, especially after watching an interview with the obsequious twonk of a developer who was getting excit...

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