Advice for playing the Guitar on Hard?

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So I've been 95% most songs on medium for aegis now and I decided to move up to hard. The only problem is ie passed about two songs in a week any advice on playing in hard mode?

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I move my fingers down 1 button. Instead of stretching my little finger to get to the orange button I stretch my index finger to get to the green one.  It helps.

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All I can say is take the songs into practice mode, slow the songs down and just get used to using your pinky then keep increasing the speeds to the songs. It took me a little while to get songs on hard but now I only play expert. Good Luck!

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The best advice is to play through the bass career on hard first to get used to using the orange button. Once you've got a bit of muscle memory and can hit the fret buttons without looking you're ready for chords.

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Jumping from medium to hard is without a doubt the biggest increase in difficulty you'll come across when playing guitar hero so the best advice I can give you is to try not and get discouraged.  Beyond that you just need to focus on moving up the tiers. Keep playing the songs over and over until you manage to eek by with a pass, and then move on to the harder songs.  Don't worry about doing any better then passing the songs because you will naturally improve at the easier songs as you learn to pass the harder ones.

On a more technical level the main difficulty that comes with early tier songs on hard is dealing with the 5th fret. I'd recommend resting your hand on the higher frets (those closer to the strum bar) when you're first learning hard and only shifting when you need to play a green note. Do this by keeping your index finger on the red button and sliding up to green when you need to play a green note.  Shift your hand back down to red when you're done playing the green notes.  Doing this should keep your hand in a position to hit orange notes and help you remember where your hand is at all times.

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Thats kind of what ive been doing. Going from orange to green still screws me over every time then I forget where my fingers are at and fail lol.

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