How good are the Band Hero and GH Warriors of Rock instruments?

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I'm thinking of buying the GH WoR or Band Hero bundle (the ps3 version) with drums and guitar mostly to play Rock Band and I was wondering how good or bad are they. Normally I would just buy Rock Band instruments but they're kinda hard to find where I live lately while Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Band Hero bundles aren't so much. So, how are they? I have the kramer stryker guitar that came with GH III LoR for the PS2 and if the latest guitars are anything like that I'll be satisfied. I'm much more worried about the drumkit. Anyone here have one of those and/or tried using them with Rock Band games?

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I have the World Tour stuff, and love the guitar.  As for the drums, the right cymbal acts up every now and then, and I have to squeeze the cable to make it work for the next few songs.  This problem came about after using them fairly often for about two moths and after my asshole friend thought it would be cool to beat the shit out of the drums even when he wasn't playing.  They're great when they work, even with RB3, and maybe the reliability of the cymbals has improved since.

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The drums for the Guitar Hero games are not set up the same way as the drums for the Rock Band games.  Personally I would never recommend using the GH drums for a RB game unless absolutely necessary because they're so different to play.  The guitar you should be fine on though.

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