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Okay so I decided to make this topic because I've finally gotten around to playing Guitar Hero: World Tour this week. This is the first time I got to really use the new guitar, after only fooling around with it a bit when it first came out, and I have now come to the conclusion that it blows gigantic cock. This contoller contains all that I hated about previous GH3 controller, and then goes and adds new shitty stuff on top :/.

Fret buttons: The first thing that pissed me off with the GH:WT controller was that they kept those crappy fret buttons that I hated from the GH3 controller. These buttons don't stick off the neck as much and are harder to press down then previous controllers, which makes my hand get tired much faster then with the old guitars, especially on fast solos. What also made my hand start to hurt was the necks on these two guitars-they are too thick for my small hands and having to stretch my fingers more to reach the notes is very unconforatable. As a result I am failing songs with this guitar that I can easily pass when using the SG.

Slide Bar: Man, this thing hurts. I can't understand why they thought it would be a good idea to make it have a rough texture like they did, which along with those little crevices, kills your fingers. It wouldn't be so bad if the notes associated with the thing weren't on extremely fast solos-making it so you have to slide over the bar extremely fast, something I foolishly tried using in the Satch Boogie solo :(.

Strum bar: Okay well, the new strum bar had something I liked (which they adopted from the Rock Band controller I think) and that was that they changed the tip of it to help keep your fingers from slipping off, something that I have trouble with sometimes. The strum bar doesn't seem to have much give to it as I'd like though, but that is probably just me being extremely nitpicky.

So in the end I just wish that I didn't have a compulsion to buy every new guitar that comes out with each GH interation, because so far nothing can seem to replace the awesomeness that is the original PS2 SG controller (though the Xplorer came close). I still want to know how you guys feel about it though, because my friends have no problem with the guitar, but I was thinking it's because they have much bigger hands then me and thus feel more comforatable with it? I can't think of a reason why anyone would like that slide bar though.. ouch.

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