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Gun showdown follows Colton White on his quest to find out who killed Ned, his father and why. It was released October 10th, 2006.


The game is set in a free roaming world of the Wild West where Colton has the choice to take on main missions which carry on the story progress of some side missions or to go explore to find gold for money. The game is set in third person mode but switches to first person when Colton uses 'quick draw' which is where time slows down and he can hit targets with more well placed shots. When it runs out you can fill the quick draw bar again by killing hostiles. Colton has a lot of different weapons to choose from including revolvers, shotguns, rifles and bows. The main way to travel is by horse back. This is a quick way to travel and really makes you feel like you're in the Wild West. Various side missions are available such as poker, being a ranch hand, and collecting bounties. This gives the player money as well as increasing their stats.

New features

Gun Showdown has new features in it which the console version of Gun don't include. Firstly it has a few more story missions. These are not really that important and don't let loss any important information about the plot however they do make the game last that little bit longer and add more interest. Another thing is there have been added weapons the most known one been the throwing knifes although they seem pretty pointless and are quite hard to use. Gun showdown has quickplay games which give tasks like killing birds or killing soldiers before they reach the door. Each mode played unlocks the next one after that. Finally it has mutiplayer modes so other people with a PSP and the game can play. Bots are also included so its not just human players.

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