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    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Nov 08, 2005

    GUN is a third person action/adventure game setting you loose into 1800s America, where law is lost and crime runs rampant.

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    GUN was developed by Neversoft (of Tony Hawk Pro Skater fame) and was an Open World game in a Western setting. The plot was written by Randall Jahnson (Mask of Zorro, The Doors) and follows the life of Colton White after he finds out his father isn't really who he claims to be.


    The game plays from the third person perspective in which players play as Colton White in a free-roaming environment. Aside from the main story missions spread throughout the world are several types of side-missions and activities including poker games, cattle herding, law enforcement, and hunting. Side missions reward money which players can use purchase upgrades such as additional health slots and speed loaders.

    Throughout the game players may gain access to a wide variety of authentic weaponry of the era including six shooters, rifles, shotguns, bows, and thrown explosives. When attacking enemies a "Quickdraw" meter fills up and when activated switches the game to the first person perspective as well as entering a Bullet Time like state in which players can gun down their foes whilst in a state of slow motion.


    Colton White
    Colton White

    Colton White wakes up to his father Ned's call. They hunt game together supplying food and furs to steamboats traveling the Missouri river. They board a boat called the Morning Star where Ned meets with a girl named Sadie. She shows him something stored in the ship's safe. A suspicious looking man introduces himself to Colton as Reverend Josiah Reed. Colton follows him the the front of the ship where he hassles Sadie, telling her to tell him where "it" is. When she runs, he kills her with a throwing tomahawk then signals for a group of ambushers to come aboard. Ned and Colton hold them off until the boilers begin to blow. Ned gives Colton a coin for The Alhambra telling him to ask for Jenny. Colton refuses to leave his father behind so Ned grabs him, tells him he's not his real father, and throws him overboard just as the boat explodes - setting Colton on his journey.


    • The Hunt
    • Steamboat Massacre
    • Honest Tom
    • The Red Hand Gang
    • Quick Killer
    • Whore Coach
    • Law and Order
    • Escape the Jail
    • Ambush the Train
    • Defend the Hideout
    • Take Down Hoodoo
    • Save Soapy
    • Hollister's Fort
    • Attack the Fort
    • Battle at the Steamboat
    • Across the Badlands
    • Escape the Ambush
    • Magruder's Mine

    Side Missions

    • Bounties
    • Pony Express
    • Deputy
    • Federal Marshall
    • Ranch
    • Indian Hunter
    • Poker Tournament


    A port to the Playstation Portable was released on October 10th 2006 titled Gun Showdown. While as well as sporting several other additions to the console/pc versions, Showdown added an "up to six players" multiplayer feature. Of this there were three multiplayer modes including Texas Hold 'Em, Deathmatch, and Golden Cross. Maps and characters seen throughout the storyline are selectable in the multiplayer games.

    Xbox 360 Game Install

    GUN requires 2.1GB of hard drive space for installation.


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