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A machine gun game in which the player boards a chopper flying over New York City to take out terrorists. It was released in arcades in 1995 and was published by SEGA.

On April 27 2010, SEGA Announced Gunblade NY & L.A Machineguns Rage Of the Machine for the Nintendo Wii. No date was given but said it would come out in the Fall of 2010.


On July 25 2005, a Terrorist attack was unleashed in New York's Times Square by a faction called BEAR EX (Android Invaders) who aim to overthrow the government. The Special Air Assault Force (The S.A.A.F.) were called in to take care of the job.


Gunblade NY offers 3 gameplay modes, 2 Campaign Modes & Score Attack Remix .

Regain The UN H.Q. (EASY MODE) Offers 4 Levels

  • Time Square
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • United Nations H.Q
  • Cargo Ship

Big Apple Liberation (HARD MODE) Offer 4 Levels

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Battery Park
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Midtown Night

Score Attack Remix is a time attack mode. Players are given a total of 300 seconds across 4 stages to achieve a high score on one credit. The exact stages used are dependent on how well the player scores in a given stage. Successfully defeating the boss (or reaching the end) of a stage doubles the completion bonus for that stage.

  • Battery Park - 60 seconds
  • Midtown Manhattan or Times Square - 60 seconds
  • United Nations H.Q. or Midtown Manhattan - 60 seconds
  • Midtown Night or Cargo Ship - 120

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