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    Gunbound is a game centered on small vehicles equipped with all manner of weird and wonderful projectiles, similar to games such as Worms each user takes turns firing these at their opponent until there is an eventual victor.

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    GunBound is a turn-based artillery game in which players take control of "mobiles" or "bots" and trade shots with the opposing team. It was originally developed by South Korean developer Softnyx, and is free to play online worldwide. In North America, it is known as GunBound Revolution, and is hosted by Ijji Games. Internationally, the game is known as GunBound World Champion.


    GunBound's design is based around two teams of up to four players each. Teams take turns firing shots at one another with a variety of weapons. During a turn, each player sets the shot angle and power level to try to destroy the mobiles on the other team. Wind, terrain, and elemental phenomena must be taken into account before firing. In addition, special power-ups, picked before the match, may be used to fire additional shots or restore health.

    Game Modes

    Five game modes are included. They are:


    Each player has one life and the last player standing wins the match for their team. Spectating players can use a slot-machine system to drop health and other items onto the battlefield.


    Each team has a life counter that depends on the number of players in the match. When a player is killed, they can re-enter the game by picking a spot on the battlefield as their drop location. When a team's counter reaches zero, the other team wins the match.


    Same rules as solo apply, but each player chooses two bots before the match instead of the usual single bot. At any time during a player's turn, they may swap bots. However, upon swapping, the secondary bot has only 50% health.


    Unlike the modes listed above, the objective in jewel is not to kill other players, but to score points by targeting and hitting small neutral bots marked with varied values. A team wins when at least 100 points have been scored. Jewel is often the least played mode out of all of these, due to the lack of gold bonuses for specific shots.


    Like score, but only the "teleport" item is available. Instead of picking items before a match, they drop from the sky and can be picked up by players. The items are Thunder Ball, Dual Ball, Gold Ball, Force Ball and Bomb Ball. If one ball falls on top of a ball which has already landed those two balls will fuse into one. A blue and a gold will fuse into a half blue and a half gold and once someone picks it up they will get the powerup bonuses for both of those colors. The player can hold up to three balls at once. The effects of these balls does not stack.

    Team Tag

    A new variant added in early 2010 to Gunbound World Champion Season 2, an entire team goes then the next and so on.

    The total number of players in a match determines the frequency at which forces change. Forces are elemental phenomena that effect the the player's shots in different ways. The number of players in a match is equal to the number of turns between each force change. Some of the forces include wind, tornado, sun, lightning, thor, and protection. Forces affect all players in a match, but they cannot be manually controlled.


    Variants are game types created by the players. The player hosts a game with the game type they intend to play in the game name, so all players know what rules to abide by.

    Some variants on games include:


    Usually takes place on a small level. The goal is to defeat the enemies by dropping them off of the map. The most commonly played gametype for bungee is tag mode. Tag is picked because it lets you select two mobiles to further increase the bungeeing ability of the player. The term bungee is the act of killing someone by dropping them to the bottom of the map. The three most commonly used bungee vehicles are:

    1. Bigfoot
    2. J.D
    3. Raon Launcher

    In that order because Bigfoot and JD are the most capable, while Raon is thrown in every now and then because it has a slightly different approach.

    Aduka Shot 2/ss

    A 4v4 game where every player uses Aduka. This is very interesting because every shot 2 uses the thor. With every shot the Thor becomes more powerful and levels up. The damage they did adds experience to the thor, meaning with 1 turn and a dual, a player could potentially do over 1 thousand damage. Called shot 2/ss because people want each other to use shot 2 to keep it fair for everyone. The concept comes from the fact that in the old Gunbound versions you got gold for different shot bonuses (chart description of all of these at bottom of page) so people would play these matches so they could deal 3,000 damage each match easily. This match type also gave a greater chance of getting a Double Kill bonus due to the ability of Aduka's SS to travel through multiple targets.

    Random Only

    Simply a game type where all players are forced to pick the random mobile. This is more frequent in the newer versions than it was in the older versions. This is due to the fact that the new versions have the extremely powerful mobiles, Mayan, Phoenix, Frank, and Tiburon. Mayan and Phoenix being the two most powerful, with very easy first turn one-hit-kill potential. Random only has become a new standard to create a level playing field between Cash users and Gold users.

    A common scam among cash users (and newbies who know what they are doing due to the free cash introduction card) is to create a 2v2 random only game with their friend. Once everybody picks random the friend enters a large entry into the chat box. This is done because when people chat in lobby you can see a word bubble above them. So the friend would be below the room master and he could make the word bubble cover up his friend. The room master could then quickly switch to a cash mobile like Mayan or Nyx for an easy win.

    The reason this has become a thing is that, due to the sheer power of Mayan and Nyx, no one who plays a lot that is not a cash user wants to play against people with cash. This means that cash players often have trouble finding matches so they deem this as a form of revenge

    Lava Only/No Lava

    Lava is an item 2 which was introduced in the more recent versions of Gunbound. It fires a missile which, on impact, leaves a long trail of fire on the ground to the left and right of it, including the center. After each player has a turn the lava burns the ground below it while dealing damage to enemies. Lava was a quickly sought after/banned item in matches. Since it breaks through large straight chunks of land at a time, it is easy for bungeeing, or simply getting an enemy (or teamate) in an unescapable hole.


    GunBound Revolution features 18 mobiles. These bots are divided into three defense categories: Shield, Bionic, and Mechanical, and four attack categories: Impact, Laser, Explosion, and Electrical. Each bot has three types of weapons. They are known as "1", "2", and "SS". "1" is a bot's main attack, while "2" is a more powerful secondary. "SS" (or special shot) is the most powerful of the three and in most cases differs greatly from the first two in function. Each bot has a "delay" rating. This rating is a number that adds up as players complete their turn. The higher a player's delay is, the more likely they are to miss a turn to another player with lower delay. Factors such as mobile type, shot type, and used items factor into this number. The 18 mobiles GunBound Revolution are:

    • Armor- Mechanical, Explosion


    Armor is a vehicle which shoots highly explosive ammo. It has good defense but its strengths lie in its power. Even a non direct hit can hit extremely hard with the explosion afterwords.Shots: Shot 1 shoots a big rocket-type bullet with large explosion range. Shot 2 shoots a smaller harder to hit rocket with smaller explosion range but above average damage. SS shoots a large rocket which will unfold into a larger more powerful rocket with enough airtime.

    • Mage- Shield, Laser

    Mage is a magical shield-enabled vehicle which excels in taking out enemy shields and has average stats of all of the stats.


    Shots: Shot 1 shoots one direct laser with precision. Shot 2 shoots two lasers which twist around each other in the shape of a double helix. This shot has more power but less precision. SS is a wide ranged magic attack which deals heavy damage to those within the range. The key to properly using Mage is to use Mage on other sheild type mobiles. Mage's SS does fairly heavy damage to regular mobiles, but if a mobile has a shield Mage's SS does 2x - 3x the damage. A common technique with Mages is to use an SS+ in the first turn of a match and SS any shield mobiles for a huge head start.

    • Ice- Bionic, Impact

    Ice is a large mammoth mobile with a high health rating. Being bionic it has no real general weakness. Ice has the ability to lower the target's defense.


    Shots: Shot 1 fires a small crystal of ice at enemies. This does average damage and is good at breaking the landscape around you to clear shots. Shot 2 is the main attacking shot for Ice, it shoots a snowball which does more damage than shot 1 and has a lasting effect of -5 defense on the target. As a match goes on an Ice player can get every enemy to a maximum of -45 defense. Due to having low delay, though, Ice is used well with other Ices, the added up negative defenses on the enemy team adds up quickly for a large lead. SS shots a radial shot similar to that or Mage and Lightning, the key element to Ice's SS is that everything in its range receives -15 damage. Ice is best used in team games.

    • Trico- Bionic, Explosion

    Trico is a bionic mobile which looks like a triceratops. It has the highest health rating of all of the mobiles in the game. The difficulty of landing hits properly with shot 2 make Trico one of the most difficult mobiles to master.


    Shots: Trico's shot 1 fires a single explosive which looks a lot like a cabbage. The delay of shot 1 is about the same delay as shot 2 but weaker, making shot to the primary attack for Trico. Shot 2 fires three explosives in a line which rotate clockwise as they go through the air. The difficulty of landing all three of these on one mobile makes this a rarely used mobile. A perfect hit shot 2 with a dual will take off half of an enemy's health bar. SS is a radial one like most of the others in the game, the primary difference is Trico's SS digs a lot of the landscape as it hits.

    • Boomer- Bionic, Impact

    Boomer is a bionic mobile that shoots boomerangs at its enemies. Boomer is the hardest mobile in the game to use due to its heavy dependency on the wind.


    Shots: Shot 1 shoots a single boomerang at the target. This is one of the weakest regular attacks in the game. Shot 2 fires multiple boomerangs in a straight line at the target. If hit directly with no buffs a single shot 2 can deal upwards of 300 damage in an avatar off server. SS works similarly to Armor and Turtle's, Boomer fires a golden boomerang at the target, after 4 seconds in air the boomerang extends its blades, making the SS much more powerful. If a SS hits without having proper time to open it is very weak with a maximum potential of about 150 damage.

    The expertise with Boomers shot comes from knowing how to use the wind properly. Doing the exact same shot at the exact same angle one turn as you did before with only a single digit change in the wind (7 left then 8 left) can drastically change the trajectory of your shot. This is what makes Boomer a commonly played vehicle by higher level players. A player must have played the game enough to have a feel for Boomer's physics in relation to the different wind currents to properly use boomer. Backshots occur often when playing Boomer at a very high angle. Hook shots are caused by shooting at a low angle against the wind. This causes the trajectory to change downwards on an angle in the shape of a capital "A".

    • Lightning- Shield, Electrical


    Lightning is an Electrical shield mobile. Lightning is one of the lower hitting mobiles but it has the strongest shield of all mobiles.

    Shots: Shot 1 fires a single ball of electricity at the enemy dealing minimum electrical damage. Wherever shot 1 lands Lightning strikes straight down on top of the location of contact for small amounts of damage. Shot 2 works the same way as shot 1 but instead of a single vertical stream of lightning, there are two streams of lightning coming in diagonally in a "V" shape. SS works similarly to Mage or Trico's SS, it is a simple radial damage SS which deals more damage on the outer edges of its range.

    • Nak- Mechanical, Impact

    Nak is a vehicle whos main interest is its underground shooting. Its stats are all average with great strength and good defense it is a good all around mobile but hard to operate.

    Trico "SS"

    Shots: Shot 1 is a compacted ball of energy which will not be used much unless one is trying to find a good distance or prevent delay. Shot 2 is where Nak finds most of its strengths. Shot 2 shoots out a ground-burrowing, pulsating, big, ball of energy. Eventually it will rise up to the surface and with correct aiming and correct angle it will come up underneath an enemy mobile. SS shoots a mini version of the Nak vehicle through the course until it either hits an enemy hard or falls down.

    • JD- Shield, Electrical

    JD is used widely as a supplementary vehicle to Raon Launcher or Bigfoot in tag bungee matches. It is primarily an electrical mobile with average movement distance.


    Shots: Shot 1 is a simple shot of a ball of energy, it has no extra elemental damages to it. It hits for less damage than shot 2. Shot 2 is the primary damage and bungee shot. Shot 2 is essentially the same as shot 1 but with more damage and the side effect of pulling mobiles towards the location of the hit. Within a close range shot 2 sucks all nearby mobiles in towards it. This is the shot that makes JD a commonly played mobile in Bungee matches, simply hitting near the edge of a platform when an enemy is close could pull them right off the map. JD's SS is a large radial shot much like Mage and Lightning. It has the effect of pushing all mobiles away from the center point of the shot. In early versions of Gunbound, JD's SS could be used to push enemies off ledges. In World Champion and onward mobiles can be pushed to a certain point near the edge but cannot be pushed off.

    • A. Sate- Shield, Laser

    A. Sate
    A. Sate

    A. Sate is a shield mobile which uses satellites and receivers to damage enemy mobiles. A. Sate regenerates its shield at an average pace.

    Shots: Shot 1 orients the satellite a short height above the A. Sate. It fires a ball at the enemy and a single laser is shot from the satellite to the location where the ball landed. Shot 2 raises the satellite to a much greater height. This time the satellite fires 6 instant laser shots in the general location where the ball landed. SS does not make use of the satellite above the player's head. SS fires a large series of lasers straight down onto the location of the ball no matter where it is located.

    • J. Frog- Bionic, Laser

    J. Frog
    J. Frog

    J. Frog is a Bionic mobile which fires little green blobs which move left or right, depending on the shot, a short distance from the location of impact.

    Shots: For J. Frog it is important to note that shot 1 and shot 2 do the same damage. Shot 1 simply travels left a short distance from where the shot lands. Shot 2 travels right the same distance. SS also fires a small blob but it travels forward in relation to the way J. Frog is facing when it shoots. SS travels through multiple enemies and travels the ground for a longer range than the regular shots, while constantly doing damage along the way.

    • Kalsiddon- Mechanical, Electrical

    Kalsiddon is one of the two mobiles added to Gunbound with the World Champion update. Kalsiddon has an appearance like Bigfoot but it actually has a very unique play style of its own.


    Shots: Shot 1 fires a small missile which over time breaks apart into a receiver spot and two miniature missiles. The closer the shot lands on someone the less of a chance you have of the two missiles hitting their target. The missiles circle around twice before straightening directly on top of the target. Shot 2 works similarly to shot 1 but it has much more delay, shot 2 fires four miniature missiles which deal more damage. A dual shot 2 through a lightning or a force can 1 hit kill is landed directly. SS is simply a more powerful version of shot 2, but instead of opening once it opens twice.

    • Bigfoot- Mechanical, Electrical

    Bigfoot is an average mobile. It is most commonly used in bungee matches, being tied with Raon Launcher as the most used bungee mobile.


    Shots: Shot 1 fires a scatter shot of missiles at the target. The shots scatter wider apart as they go along making it hard to get an exact hit on an enemy mobile. Shot 1 is the shot primarily used for bungee matches as it is the best shot in the game at destroying the ground. Shot 2 fires 3 rows of miniature missiles at an arc. Since they arc so much it is best to use shot 2 while pointing directly at the target. Shot 2 hits harder than shot 1. SS shoots explosive versions of the missiles from shot 1, causing more damage but less bungee potential.

    • Turtle- Bionic, Impact

    • Grub- Bionic, Electrical

    Grub is a bionic mobile which fires balls at its enemies. Due to its ease of use and the wide spread on its shot 2 it is commonly used as a beginner mobile. Its lack of focused fire makes it a poor choice for jewel mode.


    Shots: Shot 1 is a fairly straightforward shot. A single ball is shot out which explodes on impact. Grub's shot 1 is one of the weakest shots in the game. Shot 2 fires three balls which spread out in a wave formation and bounce and roll around on impact. Since these shots don't explode on impact and are able to roll down sloped ground, Grub shot 2 is commonly used for beginners starting to get a feel for the physics of the game. Shot 2 is fairly powerful if you can hit all three balls on the same mobile. SS fires one large ball which rolls around for a short time period before exploding. This is used most effectively when the enemy mobile is in a small hole, the SS will simply stay stationary in the hole and deal constant damage to the enemy. This is Grub's most powerful shot if used correctly.

    • Raon Launcher- Mechanical, Laser

    Raon Launcher
    Raon Launcher

    Commonly regarded as the primary mobile in the Gunbound fiction. It is a basic mobile with 3 very different shot types, its variety makes it a commonly recommended mobile to beginners.

    Shots: Shot 1 fires a helix-shaped series of discs at the enemy. The spinning of the helix makes this a commonly used bungee mobile. Shot 2 is where most of the damage is done with Raon Launcher. Shot 2 fires two mobile mines called Raons. The Raons land directly to the left and right of the target of the shot. When they are close to a mobile (friend or foe) the light on top turns to green and every turn they move closer to their target. It is possible to walk away from a Raon far enough that it will not follow you. You can have up to eight Raons out at a time. SS shoots a large Raon which walks a long distance from where it lands. It keeps walking until a timer expires or until it runs into a mobile, at which point it explodes.

    • Aduka- Mechanical, Laser/Electrical


    Aduka is a mechanical vehicle which has the highest potential strength of any mobile in the game. The problem comes from properly harnessing that strength. The complexity of the mobile makes it a commonly played choice for high level players.

    Shots: Shot 1 fires a small ball of electricity which causes high impact damage and low radial damage for the surrounding electrical effects. The main focus of Aduka's attack is its shot 2. Shot 2 fires 3 miniature Adukas which are used similar to A. Sate's recievers. When the mini Adukas hit they do not cause damage, but mark the spot for the Thor to attack. The Thor is the large floating satellite in every level, some attacks use it on a very minimum level. Thor works similar to A. Sate's satellite but it is in a fixed position and every Aduka on map fires from the same one. The Thor starts off weak but as it does more damage it earns experience which levels it up. As Thor levels up it deals more and more damage with its lasers, with a level cap of 5. With a level 5 Thor a dual shot 2 from an Aduka can do upwards of 2000 damage which is essentially an entire life bar. This is why Adukas are best used in groups. This was the cause of the new gametype "Aduka 2/ss" which are usually games of score with 8 players all using Adukas. The rules are simply only use shot 2 or SS. This causes the Thor to get powerful much faster. SS shoots a glowing miniature Aduka which travels through the environment and mobiles as it causes damage. While it is fairly weak it is great to use in attempts to get double kills, due to the fact that the shot travels all the way through the map.

    • Dragon- Bionic, Explosion


    Dragon is one of the two mobiles that you can only get from selecting random. Players only have a small chance of getting Dragon or Knight. Due to their rarity, these are easily the two most powerful mobiles in the game, capable of 1-hitting an enemy.

    Shots: Shot 1 and shot 2 operate in a fairly similar manner to each other. Shot 1 fires one straight forward fireball at the target. Shot 2 fires four shots, two high and two low, which spread around the target. Shot 2 is best used while aiming directly at a mobile right next to you, this would be the most likely chance of a 1-hit KO. SS fires a large radial fireball similar to the SS of mage or lightning. It is considerably weak compared to the other two shots.

    • Knight- Mechanical, Laser


    Knight is one of the two mobiles that you can only get from selecting random. Players only have a small chance of getting Knight or Dragon. Due to their rarity, these are easily the two most powerful mobiles in the game, capable of 1-hitting an enemy. Knight is the strongest of the two.

    Shots: Shot 1 and shot 2 are similar to A. Sate's shot 1 and 2. The only real difference is that instead of firing lasers from the satellite, Knight fires multiple miniature swords. Shot 2 sets the satellite at a higher angle and deals greater damage than shot 1. SS works the exact same way as A. Sate. A large stream of swords comes straight down onto the location of the receiver. A direct hit SS is stronger than a Dual shot 2.

    Two addition mobiles exist but are not featured in GunBound Revolution: Maya and Phoenix. Only "power users" (obtained by purchasing the "power user" item from the Gunbound Cash Shop) can use Phoenix, and Maya can only be unlocked by purchasing from the Cash Shop. These have been criticized among the community for being overpowered compared to other Mobiles. The Maya has also been criticized for its cosmetic difference from other Mobiles: instead of your avatar riding on a Mobile, it transforms into the Maya.


    After completing a match, players are rewarded with gold. Gold is acquired by performing feats such as high-angle shots, destroying the terrain around an enemy causing them to fall (bunging), killing an opponent, or much more rarely, scoring a double-kill. However, gold can be lost by damaging yourself or teammates. Once enough gold has been acquired, players may customize their avatars with items such has headwear, glasses, flags, etc. Many items have small bonuses such as added shield, bunge ability, or delay. These bonuses can provided an added edge during matches that could give more customized avatars the upper hand. These items can also be purchased over the internet from the game's website. To help level the playing field a bit, "avatar off" rooms are available for players who wish to play without bonuses.

    All current versions of Gunbound support cash items now. Around every possible holiday season Gunbound brings back old rare avatars only purchasable with cash. Famously rare avatars like Observador are no longer as rare as they once were because they are constantly being brought back during sales.

    Bonuses and Penalties

    Name of Bonus/PenaltyHow to AchieveGoldGP
    Shot BonusDeal over 150 damage with one shot.100
    Good Shot BonusDeal over 250 damage with one shot.200
    Excellent Shot BonusDeal over 500 damage with one shot.500
    Finish BonusDestroy an enemy's Mobile.1001
    Bunge Shot BonusDefeat an opponent by dropping their Mobile.1001
    Double Kill BonusDestroy two enemy Mobiles in one turn.5004
    Back Shot BonusDeal 50 damage to an enemy behind you.250
    Boomer Shot BonusThe path of your bullet goes back and then forwards dealing 50 damage.200
    High Angle BonusShoot at a 70 degree angle and deal over 50 damage.150
    Ultra High Angle BonusShoot at a 75 degree angle and deal over 150 damage.300
    Hurricane Shot BonusDeal over 50 damage with a shot that rode a hurricane.200
    1000 Damage AchievedDeal over 1000 damage over the course of the match.1001
    2000 Damage AchievedDeal over 2000 damage over the course of the match.1002
    3000 Damage AchievedDeal over 3000 damage over the course of the match.1004
    SuicideKill yourself by falling off or dealing lethal damage to yourself.-50-1
    Team DamageDeal over 50 damage to yourself or a teammate.-25-1
    Team KillKill a teammate.-50-2

    It is important to note that in the International version of Gunbound no longer gives gold bonuses for specialty shots. The gold bonuses above only apply to Gunbound World Champions.


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