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    Gundam Battle Assault

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 06, 2000

    Gundam mechs go one-on-one in a fighting game. The first in a series of Battle Assault games. The gameplay is in the same vein as Street Fighter. The game is a part of the Gundam: Battle Assault series.

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    The game itself plays like a standard fighting game in which the mobile suit's use a traditional health bar.

    In the prequel to this game: Gundam: The Battle Master the player were able to use several shoot and weapon functions. In Battle Assault, they have now been replaced by the traditional punch and kick manouevers, and the shoot and weapon functions are now used as special moves.

    Super moves were introduced in this game. Each Gundam has it's own separate super move that can be used up to three times. This cannot be used however with a few special characters.

    Dodging and using the beam barrier in the game will drain the health bar.

    The Gundam's had the ability to fly in Gundam: The Battle Master. In Battle Assault they can no longer fly indefinetly. Instead the use of thrust will drain one boost bar. Once the boost gauge

    is empty it has to be recharged to be used again. It is also possible to use free flight in which the mobile suit can fly in any direction and stay unfazed from attacks until the boost gauge runs out or the mobile suit overheats.

    Game in the US

    Originally the game was named Gundam: The Battle Master 2 in Japan as it was the sequel to the first game in the Gundam: Battle Assault series which was released in 1997 under the name Gundam: The Battle Master.

    Later, when the game was released in the US, it was released under the name "Gundam Battle Assault". This was done in order to market to the american audience, as at the same time the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing anime were beginning to become popular in the US. The mobile suit which was used on the US Coverart was the Wing Gundam,

    who in fact was an exact duplicate of the Zeta Gundam.


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