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Gundam Battle Universe is the fourth game of the "Gundam Battle" PSP series. As opposed to the arcade-styled gameplay of the Vs series of Gundam games such as Federation vs. Zeon or Gundam vs. Gundam, GBU is a slower, more sim-like take on Mobile Suit combat. The meat of the game is its Campaign Mode, which lets you play through various scenarios from Gundam's "Universal Century" timeline.


As mentioned before, the gameplay generally moves at a somewhat slow pace (although faster than many other Gundam games). The objectives generally consist of destroying every enemy that appears, although other objectives such as protecting spacecraft and delivering supplies occasionally come into play. Mobile Suits have 1-3 weapons that they can switch between on the fly, in addition to a subweapon and a melee attack. 

At the bottom of the screen, an SP gauge fills. SP can be used to perform a quick boost forward, perform an enhanced shot with a weapon, enter a powered-up state, or execute a deadly finishing move.

"MS Tune Points" can be used to modify the stats of each individual mobile suit, such as turning speed, resistance to beam weapons, and radar range. Weapons can similarly be customized.

A new feature is the ability to command the partner. By holding the SELECT button, and pressing a directional button, the partner will perform one of four actions: Perform Melee on the selected target, Fire on the target, Defend against the target, or perform their SP attack on the target.

Another new feature is the Skill System. Each character has a "Passive" skill that takes effect immediately with no activation required. In addition, there is also an  "Additional" skill that activates when the character is at low health.

While not all inclusive of the entire infinitely expanding Universal Century lineup, this game still features over 200 mobile suits. In addition, familiar faces such as Amuro Ray, Char Aznable, and Haman Karn can be unlocked for player use, as well as some not-so-familiar faces (such as Ford Romfellow, Yuu Kajima, and Johnny Ridden).

Campaign Mode

Upon starting a new game, the player is first prompted to choose a faction based on the One Year War era (see below): The Earth Federation Space Force or the Principality of Zeon. After that, the player chooses between Normal (pilot with high starting stats who can pilots EXAM machines like Blue-Destiny Unit 3) and Newtype (pilot with fast-growing stats who can pilot NT-exclusive machines like Nu Gundam). After choosing a avatar and naming the pilot, the player is prompted to choose an Operator: one of seven characters (mostly) from previous Gundam games who appear to guide the player. The Operator, in combination with the Normal/Newtype choice, will determine the pilot's Passive and Additional Skills.

Earth Federation Operators

Zeon Operators

Neutral Operator

After the main pilot is created, a subpilot is created using the same process (sans Faction and Operator). Afterwards, the campaign mode begins.

In Campaign Mode, the player is given the chance to take on one of five eras. Players can switch between campaigns at any time, but MS and named pilots are restricted to their respective timelines.


One Year War (0079): Mobile Suit Gundam, 08th MS Team, 0080: War in the Pocket, The Blue Destiny, etc.
Factions: Earth Federation, Principality of Zeon
The Principality of Zeon has declared itself independent of the Earth Federation and launched a war of independence. The Earth Sphere is now embroiled in a bloody conflict that has resulted in the loss of over 50% of the human population.

Operation Stardust (0083): Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
Factions: Earth Federation, Delaz Fleet (Zeon)
Remnants of Zeon are planning to initiate a colony drop on Earth.

Gryps Conflict (0087): Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Factions: AEUG (all operators are available for this faction), Titans (Earth Federation), Axis Zeon
The Earth Federation, in fear of another Operation Stardust-scale attack on the Earth, has created the Titans in order to search for Zeon remnants; however, the Titans have run out of control, abusing the space colonies for their own gain and eventually taking control of the Earth Federation Forces. The Anti-Earth Union Group, consisting of certain Earth Federation officials and even ex-Zeon, is formed to oppose the Titans' tyranny.

First Neo-Zeon War (0088): Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Gundam Sentinel
Factions: AEUG, Neo Zeon
The bloody three-way battle at Gryps has left the Earth Federation weakened; Haman Karn and her Axis Zeon now strike, attempting to return Zeon to its former glory. The AEUG, in shambles after the Gryps Conflict, must come together to defeat the threat.

Second Neo-Zeon War (0093): Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Factions: Londo Bell (Earth Federation), Neo Zeon
Char Aznable, thought to have been killed in the Gryps Conflict's final battle, re-emerges as the leader of a new Neo Zeon movement; he plans to ram Axis into the Earth, causing a nuclear winter and forcing the Earth-dwellers to migrate to space. The small Londo Bell unit must stop Char's mad plan.

In addition, there are extra missions: some are unlocked by password, while others are unlocked by finishing all of the normal campaigns. The latter missions often let you unlock very powerful units, such as Superior Gundam, Ex-S Gundam, and units from the two debuting series Hathaway's Flash and Gundam F91; the former missions generally feature joke or otherwise unique units, such as the Saku, the SM, and "Last Shooting" Gundam (the headless Gundam from the final episode of the first series).

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