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GunLord consists of 9 stages comprised primarily of non-linear, side-scrolling, action platforming in the vein of Turrican, as well as shoot-em-up gameplay similar to Thunderforce. As they progress through the game, players can expect to face up to 45 unique enemies in addition to battling stage-ending bosses.

High Scores

The game features an online ranking system based upon the player's high score. Upon reaching the "Game Over" screen, a code is displayed that can be submitted to the game's website. In the Dreamcast release, high scores can be saved to a VMU unit.

Software Updates

The Neo Geo MVS release contains a USB port inside the cartridge which allows the software to be updated.


Gordian Gaiden

As the game's main protagonist, Gordian is faced with the task of finding his missing wife, captain Vanessa Gaiden. During the platforming stages, he wears his GunLord suit which is featured prominently on the game's box-art. During the game's second stage, he pilots his planet shuttle.

Vanessa Gaiden

The wife of the Gordian Gaiden. As captain of the Z 42 Warpstar, Vanessa Gaiden piloted her ship to victory over the Evil Empire. While returning home to celebrate her victory, she disappeared.

The Master

A planet lord shrouded in mystery. He presides over the Lords of Steel, evil creatures that terrorize the galaxy by enslaving humans and absorbing their souls.

The Lords of Steel






Each stage in the game takes place on the planet Kairos II.

Stage 1 - Holy Mountain

Stage 2 - Air Stride

Stage 3 - Dreamy Ruins

Stage 4 - Techno Dungeon

Stage 5 - Deadly Sewers

Stage 6 - Acid Pipe

Stage 7 - Waste Grounds

Stage 8 - Factory Five

Stage 9 - Electric Tower


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