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Gunpey was created by Gunpei Yokoi, best known for his role as head of Nintendo's R&D 1, as a game for the WonderSwan handheld which he developed for Bandai.  He passed away before the release of the console, and as a tribute the game was named after him.


The game consists of a board five tiles wide.  Tiles which contain one of four different lines (connecting at the top or bottom corner on the left and right sides) move up from the bottom of the board.  Tiles can be moved by a cursor which covers two vertical tile areas.  Moving the cursor will "flip" the tiles that the cursor covers.  By positioning the tiles so that a line is created which goes across the screen, those tiles will disappear and you will score points.  The longer the lines, the more points are scored.  Tiles will continue to move up from the bottom of the board until a tile reaches the top of the screen, at which point the game is over.


The original WonderSwan game had a old west motif which carried over to the PlayStation release as well as the DS.  The PSP version, published by Q Entertainment, is reminiscent of the style of their other puzzle games, such as Lumines and Every Extend Extra.

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