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    Guns of Icarus Online

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 30, 2012

    A multiplayer, PVP focused follow-up to Muse Games' Guns of Icarus.

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    Guns Of Icarus is a online first-person shooter team-based multiplayer in steampunk setting that focuses on air-to-air combat via airships. There are three classes and five types of ships.



    Every class can do repairs and man any of a ship's guns; each class has a spyglass and a hammer(for minor repairs).

    Pilot: The pilot class can mark enemy ships and have ship abilities such as:

    Kerosene: Speed boost at the cost of engine damage.

    Moonshine: Gives the engines "quality" fuel at the cost of damage

    Hydrogen canister: Increase upward acceleration at a cost of increase flammability .

    Gunner: The gunner has the widest and most versatile types of ammo available.

    Engineer: The engineer can repair a wide array of damages such such as fires.


    Galleon: The largest and most resilient ship, but at cost of being the slowest. In addition, it has high firepower output.

    Squid: The weakest ship and the fastest.

    Goldfish: The main fire output is in the front of the ship and has moderate speed and high maneuverability.

    Junker: Slow speed ,high maneuverability, has 5 minor weapons.

    Pyramidion: High damage output from two guns on top and low deck.

    Spire: Low speed, low resilience, but has high damage output.


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