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    Gunstringer: Dead Man Running

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jan 03, 2013

    New Gunstringer game exclusive to Windows 8 / RT.

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    The gameplay consist of dodging numerous obstacles while running towards the finish line. You are running in a straight line with only three set lanes to choose from, the right, left, and center. While you run you can either jump or roll under the obstetrical it. Occasionally other obstacles appear in front of you such as rolling rock or cacti in the path you are running on. There are coins in your path that can be collected and then used as currency in the in-game store, The in-game store is filled with power-ups that aid you in completing your run through of the obstacles, cosmetic "upgrades" for The Gunstringer such as new character models of The Gunstringer and you can even purchase individual accessories such as new boots, new hats, ect. New weapons may also be purchased. The gold collected in game may be used but the game embraces the "Free to play" model which allows you to pay your way up if you choose to do so.

    It includes 2 game modes "Story Mode" and "Endless Run" which are similar but endless run allows you to endless run without the liner story elements of the "Story Mode"

    The game has Xbox LIVE intigration which allow you to send challenges to 1 or multiple people on you friends list. Leaderboard integration is also present.

    The game itself is pretty much a Temple Run clone with a Gunstringer skin over it.


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