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    Gunther Hermann

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A cybernetically enhanced super agent working for UNATCO in the original Deus Ex. Gunther is a "mech", a more primitive type of agent than JC, and this causes jealousy and tension between the two.

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    Gunther Hermann is a seasoned UNATCO agent from Germany, who is mechanically augmented. He is shown to be an expert in several combat styles and weaponry.

    He started out in a German anti-terrorist organization, but was dissatisfied with the way things were run, eventually joining an organization known as the Tyrants, where he took part in several high profile assassinations. After an assassination attempt involving a car-bomb, Hermann was attacked in his car by a woman, Anna Kelso, who was a close friend of one of his previous kills. After a struggle, eh comes out on top, managing to detonate the car-bomb, but ends up hurt and slides into a river.

    He was found by Bob Page, and made to join the Majestic 12 front, UNATCO.

    A few years later, Gunther is one of the most effective and respected UNATCO agents. At this point he is heavily augmented, visibly so, being less concerned about his looks and more concerned about combat effectiveness, always thinking about more to add to his arsenal including a "skul-gun". He also forms a close partnership with fellow mechanically augmented agent Anna Naverre. With the introduction of nano-augmented agents, he grows wary, fearing that his kind would become obsolete. As a result he never grows to appreciate Paul or JC Denton.

    In the game, Gunther trains JC in the firing course during the tutorial, and the first mission involving him is to rescue him from NSF terrorists.


    "I believe I will enjoy this."

    "No. I wanted orange. It gave me lemon-lime."

    "Again they ignore me. Again they think they have a better punishment for a traitor than a shotgun to the head."

    "You are a small, prowling mouse... and dumb like a mouse! You keep coming, like you forget about Agent Navarre. I remember Agent Navarre. I remember for everyone."


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