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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 30, 2002

    A Steampunk Third-Person Shooter developed by Smilebit for the Xbox.

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    GunValkyrie is a Steampunk themed, Third Person action game for the Xbox. It was developed by Japanese studio Smilebit and published by Sega in 2002.

    GunValkyrie features two main characters, Kelley and Saburouta, both fighting as a "GunValkyrie", an elite squad sent to protect the outer colonies from huge insect like creatures. Kelley can fire her main gun faster, but it's a weaker shot, while Saburota is slower but has a more powerful weapon.


    The game is known for it's dual analog control scheme, the left stick controlling turning and forwards and backwards movement, while the right stick controls movement of the guns. Clicking the left analog stick will activate the boost, while clicking the right analog will quickly turn your character. The Left trigger is a combination boost-jump and can be used with the left analog click to keep the character off of the ground longer. The Right trigger is used to fire your weapon and the face buttons are used to select said weapon.

    The game has a steep learning curve as the dual-analog control scheme is difficult to get used to. 

    Dreamcast Development

    Before Sega left the console business, GunValkyrie was in development for the Dreamcast. It was basically the same game with two key differences, 1) The characters were Cel-Shaded much like Smilebit's other Dreamcast game Jet Grind Radio, and 2) The Dreamcast game was developed to use a light gun in tandem with the controller.

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