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    GunZ The Duel

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 29, 2006

    GunZ The Duel is a free to play action shooter with RPG elements which features over the top action by allowing players to run on walls. It is developed by MAIET and available to North American customers at

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    Gunz is a 3rd person MMO action game developed by MAIET. The first release of Gunz was in Korea, labeled by most gamers as KGunz. Eventually, this lead to the release of Gunz International, then JGunz (Japan) and finally Gunz for ijji in which this article mainly talks about.

    The game's setting takes place in a fantasy, sci-fi like time in a continent called Astra. You play as a treasure seeking adventurer in a land now ridden with outlaws and bounty hunters after many years of war between the various nations inhabiting the continent.


    Gameplay in Gunz is similar to most third person shooters at a glance, though it differentiates itself through its Matrix style moves that can be performed. The player is able to dive in any direction to avoid shots, run on or up walls, deflect bullets with a sword and many more moves. There are multiple weapons, though only three may be carried at a time without taking weight into consideration. Jumping is accomplished with the spacebar and depending on how you are angled to the wall you'll run up it or on it. It's possible to jump up the wall by jumping then slashing your sword and then jumping again. This is one technique in a set which is often known as K-style by most Gunz players.

    Players are able to customize their characters looks through a variety of different clothing which give you different stat boosts either in health or armor. Rings may also be equipped to give other stat boosts such as the ability to increase weight capacity.

    The game allows players to equip items until they reach a weight cap of 100 lbs. This weight capacity can be expanded with certain rings. All items, whether it be weapons or clothing all have a weight factor so it is important to balance out the weight with a set up that is comfortable.


    There are multiple modes of play in Gunz: The Duel. It consists of the following:


    A straight up deathmatch. The game is stopped when a player reaches the specified number of kills.

    Deathmatch (Berserker)

    The same as deathmatch, however one player is chosen to the berserker. The berserker is shown to have a glowing blue aura. The berserker continually loses health, however he is also much stronger than a regular character and gains health back when he kills. When a player kills the berserker, he becomes the berserker.

    Team Deathmatch

    Much like how a counter-strike game works, two teams on seperate sides fight for dominance. When a character is eliminated, he is out of the round until the next round. A team scores a point when they sucessfully eliminate the opposing team.


    Essentially the same as deathmatch, however only melee weapons are allowed.

    Team Gladiator

    Essentially team deathmatch, but only melee weapons are allowed.


    Essentially team deathmatch, however a random person from each team is chosen to be the "VIP". A team automatically loses should their VIP be killed.


    It's deathmatch without any experience gains or losses from kills.

    Team Deathmatch (Extreme)

    It is basically deathmatch, however you may respawn when killed. A team is victorious when they reach the specified number of kills.

    The Duel

    Players face off in a one on one setting.


    A co-operative mode where teams are faced against hordes of creatures. These creatures are much more aggressive and harder to defeat as the quest levels go up.

    Clan War

    A mode where Clans are able to duke it out with each other for clan ranking dominance.

    Kill System

    Scoring kills in GunZ earns a player "bounty", which is the currency unit in the world of GunZ, and experience points, or EXP, which contribute to the progression or advancement of a player's level. The amount of EXP and bounty a player receives for a kill depends on the level of the enemy defeated. However, you are able to lose experience as well should the player kill himself or be killed by a player of a lower level on selected channels. When a player's EXP drops to the point in which the player has less than zero EXP for their level, it is possible to move back one level. They will, however, be reverted to the previous level with 99% experience points and are able to increase their level again by attaining experience points equivalent to 1% or more.


    Special weapons are available to purchase for a fee on the game's website and they range from special armor to weapons or items that increase the amount of EXP you get or add a element to your sword's attack.


    In Gunz there are several weapon types:


    Pistols offer a quick fire rate and little delay to your character's speed. They can be dual wielded.


    Revolvers are basically more powerful versions of pistols with lower clips, less ammo and a noticeable slower rate of fire. They can be dual wielded.


    Sub machine guns offer a very fast rate of fire with a larger clip than that of other weapons at the cost of accuracy and power. They can be dual wielded.

    Assault Rifles

    Assault Rifles offer a lower clip than SMGs but with a fast rate of fire and more accuracy. These cannot be dual wielded.


    Shotguns have lower damage but shoot a spray of bullets to compensate. Like other shooting games, they can be used at their maximum potential at closer ranges. They cannot be dual wielded.

    Rocket Launchers

    Rocket Launchers offer high damage at the cost of a very low clip. While this weapon is wielded, you cannot wall jump or run. They also slow your character's movement and cannot be dual wielded. They are among the heaviest weapons in the game, and thus are hard to carry around.

    Heavy Machine Guns

    Heavy Machine Guns offer a high clip at a fast rate of fire with the lowest accuracy of any weapon. Like the rocket launcher, you cannot wall jump or run while this is equipped. It also slows the character's movement. There are no dual wield options for it and are also fairly heavy.


    One of the two melee weapon types swords offer a higher attack power than daggers and can launch opponents into the air. While holding the block button, the player is able to deflect some bullets that are shot directly at him for a short time, however the player can still be shot at the legs.


    Daggers are weaker than swords but faster. They can push people down and knock them onto the ground. A popular thing to do here is shoot them while they're down.


    These are dual swords. They attack fast but with less damage than swords. They launch people in the air but it takes much longer than the swords do. Like the sword, you are able to deflect bullets, but also has the same drawbacks of not being able to deflect from your leg area.

    Frag Grenades

    Frag grenades are fairly powerful explosives that can be thrown. They cannot be cocked and have about a 3 second timer before exploding. The amount of frag grenades that the player can equip is dependent on character level.

    Smoke Grenades

    Smoke grenades do not do any damage, however when deployed, they slowly release a white smoke making it difficult to see through.

    Flash Bangs

    Flash Bangs do not do any damage, though when a player is facing the flash bang on explosion, he will be temporarily blinded for a few seconds.


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