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    Guo Huai

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    Guo Huai is an officer of the Three Kingdoms era who served Wei. He is a playable character in Dynasty Warriors 7 and considered part of the Jin faction.

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    Guo Huai was a Chinese officer of the Three Kingdoms era who received a series of promotions while serving Cao Pi and eventually Sima Yi.

    Dynasty Warriors

    Guo Huai has made appearances in the Dynasty Warriors series dating back to Dynasty Warriors 3 as a generic NPC officer.  In Dynasty Warriors 7, he was made a unique, playable officer with his own appearance.  In this game, he is depicted as being stricken with an illness that gives him a sickly appearance and frequent coughing fits.  However, he's a very hard worker that his fellow officers respect.  He feels responsible for the death of Xiahou Yuan at the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun.  Following Yuan's death, he enters the service of Sima Yi, and feels deeply insulted when Yuan's son, Xiahou Ba, flees Wei in fear of his life only to seek refuge in Shu, the nation responsible for the death of his father.

    Guo Huai encounters Xiahou Ba face to face during the second Shu invasion and defeats him in battle.  He intends to execute Ba for his disloyalty and the dishonor of Xiahou Yuan, but is shot in the back by archers accompanying Jiang Wei and dies.

    Guo Huai's EX weapon is an arm cannon.

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