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    Guo Jia

    Character » appears in 8 games

    A keen strategist working under Wei, his clever strategies would help Cao Cao secure many victories.

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    Guo Jia was the winner of the Famitsu's New Dynasty Warriors Character poll and thus he was added into Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends.


    Guo Jia is a master strategist of great intellect. His weak constitution doesn't prevent him from enjoying his life to the fullest, bearing a rather flirty attitude and appreciating wine and women alike.

    He has an eloquent and gentleman-like appearance.


    "Such perfect weather! What better day to fall in love!"

    "I suppose I will participate in this fight. I cannot ignore such a generous invitation."

    "Okay, let's give these enemies the surprise of their lives, shall we?"

    "We are having some lovely weather today. What do you say we go do something?"

    "I am willing to give my life in order to help you fulfill your ambition. It shall prove to be my legacy."


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