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    GUST Co., Ltd.

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    A Japanese development studio that specializes in role-playing games, and is best known for the Atelier series.

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    Gust (ガスト) is a Japanese developers that is most famous for their role-playing games including Ar Tonelico and their popular Atelier franchise.


    The company spun off from the amusement software development division of Keiken System and was established as its on company on October 1, 1993. The studio set up its offices in the Nagano Prefecture and was advertised in magazines as the first video game developer in the area. The Story of King Aress was the company's first title which was released on March 18, 1994 for the NEC PC-98. While the company began making games for the PC, they quickly became an officially licensed developer for the Sony PlayStation in April of 1994 and released their first game for the console, Falcata, in June of the same year. After releasing several titles for the platform Gust eventually released the first entry in their most popular franchise in 1997, Marie no Atelier, which would become their flagship series.

    Man years later, Koei Tecmo announced in 2011 that they were purchasing Gust after working with the company for several years as a distributor. Gust was eventually assimilated into Koei Tecmo and is now a fully owned subsidiary of the company.

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    2. Photo Report of Early Development Materials of the "Atelier" Series (4Gamer, 2018).

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