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    Dex's NetNavi. He likes Roll and is MegaMan's rival. GutsMan is a super strong Navi who relies on brute force.

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    GutsMan.EXE is Dex's NetNavi, and a rival of MegaMan.EXE. GutsMan possesses great physical streangth.


    MMBN 1-3

    Mega Man in Guts Soul form.
    Mega Man in Guts Soul form.

    Guts Man G - 50

    GutsManV2 G - 70

    GutsManV3 G - 90 (100 in BN2)

    GutsManV4 G - 110 (BN3 only)

    GutsManV5 G - 130 (BN3 only)

    MMBN 4

    GutsMan G (MMBN 4) - 80

    GutsManSP G (BN 4 only) - 100

    GutsManDS G (BN 4 only) - 100


    Being a carbon copy of his operator, GutsMan tends to move and react slowly. As a result, he tends not to make hasty decisions and will only act if sufficiently provoked, or if a given situation calls for it (in the case of a friend being in danger). Naturally, direct physical attacks usually earn an immediate reaction. When finally roused though, the angry GutsMan and his strength can be a terrifying sight to behold.


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