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    Guy Cecil

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    Guy Cecil is one of the main character leads in the game "Tales of the Abyss".

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    Name: Guy Cecil

    Age: 21

    Class: Swordsman

    Place of Birth: Hod, Malkuth

    Guy Cecil was born in Hod during a time of warfare between the Malkuth Empire and the country of Kimlasca- Lanvaldear. Both countries had begun the war in keeping up with Yulia’s Score, which was seen as a strict guideline that had to be followed. As was written in the Score Hod had to be destroyed and thus it was. But not before Guy’s family was killed. The most notable incident occurred when he was but a young boy and Kimlascan soldiers rushed into his home trying to kill all who were in the residence. Mary, Guys oldest sister, risked her life to hide him so he couldn’t be found by the soldiers. Because of this when the soldiers fought their way through the room Mary had just hidden her younger brother in; he watched as she was killed in front of him and thus caused a traumatic memory which he repressed. As a result of this he also garnered a deep and intense fear of being touched by women, although throughout most of his adulthood he never knew why he reacted as he did.

    After the destruction of Hod, he became vengeful and traveled to Kimlasca-Lanveldear in hopes of gaining employment in the home of the commander who led the Kimlascan soldiers to kill his sister in front of him. He found himself in the capital city of and employed in the home of Duke fon Fabre. It was during his time working in the Duke’s family that he met Commandant Van Grants and found that Van had also been a native of Hod who survived through other means.  Van used Guy’s hatred to his advantage and enlisted Guy in his plans to destroy Yulia’s Score, as it was at fault for the destruction of Hod. Guy remained in employment at the Duke’s home around the time that Luke fon Fabre, the Duke’s son, was kidnapped. After Luke was found and showed his amnesia, Guy took it upon himself to teach Luke all he could and surprisingly a friendship developed by the two.

    After Luke’s sudden disappearance, Guy leaves the Fabre residence in order to search for Luke. He ultimately finds him in Malkuth being accompanied by Tear Grants and Colonel Jade Curtiss, who are also trying to bring him back to Baticul. But what none of them know is that the world around them was about to change. 


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