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Much of Guy Eldoon's past family were ramen vendors. Eldoon had originally wanted to be a doctor in Los Angeles, but he soon lost to a rival Pal Meraktis, another doctor. He then ended up running the family noodle shop, which was frequently visited by Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and then Trucy Wright.

One day, someone suddenly stole Eldoon's noodle stand. Eldoon then hired Apollo Justice to find out who was behind this crime, but the two soon discovered that his shop then turned out to be the site of Pal Meraktis's murder. Justice would then have to solve the mystery behind Guy Eldoon's relation with Meraktis and the Kitaki family.


Guy Eldoon displays much pride over the noodles he sells. He often boasts of its saltiness and punctuates his excitement with a few notes on his harmonica.


He actually has short, black hair, but this mostly hidden underneath his hat and wig that resembles a bowl and ramen noodles. Eldoon is also "noodle" backwards, which fits his profession.


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