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Guy Savage is a character whom Naked Snake dreams about during a particular sequence in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. By saving one's game while Snake is in the jail cell following the Volgin torture sequence, then quitting and reloading the game, the player will enter a dream Snake is having. The protagonist of this dream, Guy Savage, is a hooksword-wielding character facing hordes of zombies holding the same weapon. After a length of time, Guy transforms into a monster, amplifying all of his abilities. This sequence lasts until Snake wakes up. He attributes Para-Medic's various conversations about movie monsters as the cause of the dream.

Hideo Kojima initially denied the dream's existence. When he eventually opened up about the sequence, he said that the dream was initially to be Konami's classic game Gradius. However, he, along with the game's writer, Shuyo Murata, decided to create something original. This led to the creation of the Guy Savage sequence, which plays in an entirely different action style compared to the rest of Metal Gear Solid 3. Murata has said that the sequence was supposed to be a preview for a full game of its own, but that game never came to light.

The Guy Savage sequence did not reappear in Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection or Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

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