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    Gwen Tennyson

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    Gwen Tennyson is Ben Tennyson's cousin and she travels with Ben and Kevin Levin. She has a Black Belt in Martial Arts and is a expert in Gymnastics.

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    Early Life

    In the original series called "Ben 10", Gwen shares a hate/love friendship with her cousin Ben. Through the entire show, Gwen usually insults Ben just because they share the same birthday. Gwen uses her computer to find out any weird or strange people that they may come across, during their adventures. In "Ben 10 Alien Force", she is trained in gymnastics and has a black belt in martial arts.  She also has a crush on Ben's old friend/enemy Kevin Levin. Throughout most of the series, Gwen created a persona named  "Lucky Girl." Lucky Girl was mostly what her name said, she used Luck in her own advantage. She eventually hanged up her mask after getting an artifact destroyed by Ben's alien Fourarms.

    Alien Force

    As a 15-year-old girl, she and Ben have finally set their deference's behind to become friends with one-another. She has a Black belt in martial arts, and also is a professional in gymnastics. When Ben asked for advice about the omnitrix from her, she was happy to give some. Later on, she started to like Ben's ex enemy Kevin. Although they had deference's in the past, Kevin put it behind him so that Gwen would like him. Also in Alien Force, Gwen has magic and she is an human hybrid. Gwen is an anodite, anodite are beings that take up to 70 years to master their powers. Gwen found out this by hers and Ben's Grandmother Verdona. Verdona is also the ex-wife of Max Tennyson. In the Alien Force Series, she once again donned her Lucky Girl outfit, in a mission to trying to steal a book of spells from the evil Hex.

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