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    A freestyle racing event focused on drifting. You must slide around cones and other objects in order to accrue a high score.

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    Drifting round an obstacle
    Drifting round an obstacle

    Gymkhana is a racing event that was first featured in the game Dirt 3. Gymkhana tasks the racer with completing a sort of obstacle course in a limited amount of time. Racers drive in modified versions of standard cars, usually tuned for drifting. The event lasts roughly 1 to 2 minutes and the driver is graded on both his time and performance.

    Gymkhana can feature a variety of obstacles such as cones, poles and jumps. The goal is to drift as much as you can and try to keep the vehicle's momentum high so you can chain together different obstacles. Gymkhana will have you drift under things, donut around poles and do spins in tight spaces. Dirt 3 rates you while you do each move and challenge. The longer you can hold a donut, the more points you will earn and you will have to follow a checklist of things to do before the event ends. 

    The current world champion of Gymkhana is Ken Block. He has mastered the discipline and has presented it to a broader audience thanks to his many Youtube videos of him drifting at an airfield. He creates his own course and has perfected the art of the moving donut, where Ken's car continues moving forward as it spins on itself. Block uses (most of the time) a modified Ford Fiesta.

    Gymkhana must not be mistaken for motorcycle gymkhana or horse gymkhana. 

    In Dirt 3   

    Dirt 3 has two types of Gymkhana events. The first type is freestyle gymkhana where you are free to tackle any obstacle on the course. By successfully filling up three triangles while performing a trick, you will raise your multiplier that can go up to times 3. Hitting a wall however will lower your multiplier and you will be unable to raise it again for a few seconds. If you do a trick too many times, it will be seen as stale which means that despite the fact that you will earn points for the trick, it will not raise your multiplier. The second type of gymkhana in Dirt 3 is Sprint Gymkhana where you must complete a select amount of tricks i a specific order and amount of time. 

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