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    GyroMan is a character in the Mega Man Battle Network franchise. His operator is helicopter pilot and ladies man Charlie Airstar.

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    Mega Man Battle Network 5

    He appears in Battle Network 5:Team ProtoMan on request from Chaud, to join the Liberation Team, unkowing to Lan and MegaMan, who are put through a series of games of "Tag" until they confront and defeat GyroMan.
    He is also fought again during the microserver attacks, although he isn't out of control like the rest of the team.

    Liberation Mission Data

    As a helicopter navi, GyroMan can fly over dark panels, and can drop bombs on dark panels below him to instantly liberate them.
    In battle, his buster shot is the Gyro Tornado (explained in Gyro Soul Section). he also has the ability, when stepping on an empty panel, to transform into a helicopter, and use a machine gun to hit all enemies at once.
    His personal chip allows him to bomb all the columns with enemies on them in a similar manner to his battle chip.

    Battle Chip

    The GyroMan G chip actually has a little secret, if you hold down L and R when you activate it, Gyro Man can expel all his bombs on the closest enemy in your row, instead of bombing the whole row. the amount of bombs he drops is dependent on how many squares your enemy owns (3x3 sq, 3 bombs ,  4x3 sq, 4 bombs, etc). It has a Base Power of 80.

    GyroMan G - 80
    GyroManDS G - 90 (dark Mega Man only)
    GyroManSP G - 90 (Light Mega Man only)

    Gyro Soul

    MegaMan in his Gyro Soul form.
    MegaMan in his Gyro Soul form.

    • Gyro Man's unision is Gyro Soul, a wind based ability, giving MegaMan omnishoes, allowing him to step on any panel type without harm or restriction.
    • His buster weapon is the Gyro Tornado, a 3-square attack that causes more damage the further the opponent is away from MegaMan.
    • Using a wind chip causes the propeller on MegaMan's back to spin, which allows him to do twice as much damage if the next chip is wind or normal.

    Chaos Gyro Soul

    This is only available in Team ProtoMan version, and is formed by sacrificing a DarkTornado Chip.
    MegaMan in Chaos Gyro Soul form.
    MegaMan in Chaos Gyro Soul form.

    • This lasts for only one turn, and the charge shot is changed to a Dark Tornado, where a Tornado doing 50 damage (x8) is released 2 squares ahead.
    •  If the tornado is hit while in use, it will expand to the first 3 squares in front of MegaMan. if it is hit twice, It will expand to the 4 squares surrounding the original Tornado.

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