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The gameplay in Gyrostarr is like a shooter. Your view is from behind the ship you're controlling and you shoot at enemies to defeat them. The stages feel like race courses, but you are moved along automatically and it's not a race. You can also use a grapple to grab distant energy and weapons.

The object of the game is simple: collect enough energy (appearing as blue blobs) by the end of the course to get past the final gate. If you don't have enough energy, you lose the level and crash into the gate at the end, and if you have totally filled your energy bar on top of the screen, you go to a bonus level. If your ship explodes after taking a few hits, you lose energy. If you hit a piece of energy on the course with your attacks, it will bounce away from you, so the use of the grapple is often necessary.

There are a few weapons to collect in a level as well, including a big, constant attack beam and a wider shot. These weapons can be grabbed with the grapple as well, but like the energy, it will bounce away from you if hit with one of your attacks.

Throughout the course, you will pass through several gates. These will give you permanent speed boosts and occasionally destroy all on-screen enemies. The farther along the course you are, the faster you go.

Control Options

There are a few control options for Gyrostarr. The first is simply a Wii remote held sideways. There are two ways to use this control mode: an Excite Truck style of tilting to move from side to side or using the control pad to move. You can also use the Claasic controller. Finally, you can use the nunchuk. This option does not use the remote, you just hold the nunchuk and more with the control stick and use Z and C for thooting and bombs. This option is available in multiplayer as well, with one player holding the remote and another holding the nunchuk, each controlling their own seperate ship, of course. The option to switch button commands is also available for all control modes.


Gyrostarr supports multiplayer for up to four players. This can be viewed as either a competition or cooperative play as each player gets their own points, but you all need to work together to collect energy and reach the end of the level. If two players' ships are aligned, then a huge beam will be shot from the two ships. This mode is exactly the same as single player, only there are more ships on the course.


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