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H2Overdrive is a spiritual successor of Hydro Thunder.

The game consists of 10 different tracks and 13 different boats to choose from.

Below you will see all of the tracks names and the original track that is similar.

Easy Tracks

Quake Canyon (Lake Powell)

Temple of Flume (Lost Island)

Temple of Flume Extended (Nile Adventure)

Normal Tracks

Hong Kong Buoy (The Far East)

Frozen Tundra Forward (Arctic Circle)

Wild America (N.Y. Disaster)

Frozen Tundra Backward (Ship Graveyard)

Hard Tracks

Down Under-drive Forward (Thunder Park)

London Underground (Venice Canals)

Down Under-drive Backward (Greek Isles)

Below are all of the boats and the names of the corresponding original boats they were remade from.

Novice Boats

Sea Devil (Banshee)

Hydro Volt (Thresher)

Thunder Blade (Tidal Blade)

Intermediate Boats

Raw Thrills (Midway)

Rogue Runner (Miss Behave)

Lil Kahuna (Damn The Torpedoes)

Expert Boats

Scorpion/Sting-Ray (Razorback)

Dead Wrechoner (Cut Throat)

Atomic Avenger (Rad Hazard)

Bonus Boats

The Frying Dutchman (Tiny Tanic)

Big Buccaneer (Chumdinger)

Down The Hatch (Armed Response)

Anchors Away (Blow-fish)

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