Habbo Hotel

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    An MMO PC game where you collect furniture to create your own room and can make anything from chill rooms to game rooms.

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    A rather elaborate Habbo room
    A rather elaborate Habbo room

    Habbo hotel is an MMO game based off of a microtransaction model. You may create as many free accounts as you wish, but in order to access additional features like purchasing furniture, playing games, and becoming one of "Habbo Club" you must purchase credits. Habbo's have several different customizing features, including a motto, which displays a short message to everyone who targets you, and keywords that help describe quickly. Users may also join groups to display to others anything from what you like to where you live through a colorful badge displayed next to your Habbo showing your membership of that group. Games range from those developed by Sulake that cost you credits, and user created games.


    One of the games key parts is socializing with the other players in the Hotel. Throughout the Hotel you'll meet several other Habbo's. You can add them to your friends list, allowing you to send them private messages, or follow them to other rooms. When in a room, you can either whisper, which allows Habbos in adjacent squares to hear you. Say is more appropriate in most situations, allowing Habbos within a reasonable range to hear you. The final speech option is shout, which allows all Habbo's in the room to hear you. This is the most commonly used option.

    Speech Legend

    Whisper - Appears in italics. Only the Habbo that you are facing is able to "hear" what you are saying.

    Say - Appears in plain text. Any Habbo within your direct vicinity is able to read your text.

    Shout - Appears in bold. Every Habbo in the room can see what you are typing.

    Furniture, Habbo Club, and Credits

    A typical Habbo
    A typical Habbo

    Credits can be purchased via the website, or on cards similar to time cards for other MMO's. When you purchase credits you will recieve a code that can be entered into your Habbo's purse to redeem your credits. When you have your purse stocked up with credits you can either buy furniture, purchase a Habbo Club membership, or participate in games.

    Furniture is bought from the catalogue. It can be used to furnish rooms, and to trade with people for other furniture, or credits. Within the catalogue you will also find wallpapers and floors to further customize your room, aswell as several options for furniture exchange, deals, and art. The catalogue also features the Pixel section. This section is for furniture that can be bought with Pixels, that are awarded to you based on your amount of time logged in. Pixel

    furniture cannot be traded, and can only be placed in your room.

    Habbo Club is a "premium" form of membership. Your Habbo will display a special badge when clicked on, and you will receive a special item of furniture based on the amount of months you remain subscribed. You will also gain access to exclusive clothing, hairstyles, furniture, room layouts and dances not available to the average user.

    User and Developer Games

    The "Love" portion of the catalog, appears around Valentines Day

    User created games are wide in variety. They can range from role-playing text based games to racing done between two chairs. Room owners often offer rewards in the form of furniture to the winners of the game. Some of the basic games you'll come across are "Fallin' Furni" and races.

    Fallin Furni - Several players are let into an enclosed space. When in this space the owner will place chairs into the area. The goal is to sit down on one of the chairs as fast as you can. If you’re the last one standing you are removed from the room. This continues until only one player is remaining, who is then dubbed the winner.

    Dice Wars - Players are allowed entry to a closed off area, often featuring a couch and a set of dice on each side. A player sits on each side of the couch, and rolls their dice. The winner is allowed entry into the next area to roll again, the loser remains in their seat if in the first area. In each subsequent area, the process is repeated. However this time, loser is removed from the room, and the winner continues on. When one has passed through the set number of levels put into place by the room owner, they are often rewarded a prize.

    Races - Based on a very simple concept; chairs are placed at each end of a room. When the room owner says go, you run to the other chair, sit, and run back. Elimination is in place exactly live Fallin Furni, if you are the last one back you will be kicked, and the game will continue. The last player remaining is dubbed the winner.

    Games developed by the Habbo staff often cost credits. Some of the most notable are Wobble Squabble, Diving, and ball. These games do not have furniture prizes, and can be quite costly.

    Wobble Squabble
    Wobble Squabble

    Wobble Squabble - A simple pool-based game where you and an opponent stand on a line of buoys in the water. You press buttons simultaneously to maintain your balance, while pushing your opponent. When one falls in the water, the other is victorious, and remains on the buoys until a new challenger comes. You can continue playing until you are defeated.

    Diving - A very simple game; you pay your credits at the base of the diving tower, and then climb the ladder. When at the top, you can begin your dive. By use of the arrow keys you can perform different tricks during your dive. Other users in the pool area can watch your dive on the Jumbo-tron, and have the ability to rate it if they wish.

    Battle Ball - Another very simple game in which all the Habbo’s are split into two teams. The goal of the game is to bounce around the stadium, when your ball lands on a square it turns that colour. The goal of the game is to have the most amount of ground covered for your team when the time runs out.


    The Gorillaz character models
    The Gorillaz character models

    Often special events take place within Habbo. One featured the popular band The Gorillaz entering the hotel on custom made Habbo’s to

    answer questions and visit a select few Habbo’s rooms. Many events in Habbo are music based, but others are sports based or even film based. Film based events include users being able to create their own movies though the Habbo engine,and an Around the World In 80 Days based one. Holidays are also celebrated, such as Christmas and Easter. Often rooms are opened with a specific holiday theme, and then closed after the holiday is over. Special furniture often comes available during holidays for a limited time. Some hotel managers have been known to give away free gifts to everyone on special days.


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