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    A ball of energy fired from the palms.

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    A fireball technique used by Shotokan fighting style characters in the Street Fighter series. The direct translation of Hadouken would be "Surge Fist", but the more common English name is simply "fireball". The Hadouken is typically executed by rolling the joystick from a downward position, to a forward position and then pressing a punch attack button. Because of its simplicity, the motion has become very common in fighting games, and because of its origin, the motion is typically referred to as a "fireball motion", even if the resulting move isn't a projectile. 

    Types of Hadoukens  

    • Hadouken: The most common type of Hadouken, the character focuses their ki into a fireball that is expelled out from the palms.
    • Shakunetsu Hadouken: A fire charged Hadouken that is used by Akuma and Ryu.
    • Shinkuu Hadouken: A far more powerful Hadouken that is charged up for much longer and is executed as a Super Move. In Marvel vs Capcom 3 it can be any direction.
    • Zanku Hadouken: A midair Hadouken that travels down diagonally, it is only used by Akuma and Shin Akuma who can fire two at a time.
    • Metsu Hadouken: The most powerful form of the Hadouken that draws its power from the Satsui no Hadou, literally " Surge of Murderous Intent".

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