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    Hailfire Peaks

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    Hailfire Peaks is a climate crazy world split into two halves, fire and ice. There Banjo fought the twin dragons, Chilli Billi and Chilly Willy.

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    Hailfire Peaks is a massive world built around a mountain. It is the 7th world in Banjo-Tooie. The name is apt, as one side of the level is fiery and hot, while the other is cool and icy. The fire side of the level was originally intended to be in Banjo-Kazooie as "Mount Fire Eyes". Two dragon brothers rain fire and hail upon you, as a regal soundtrack plays, in Hailfire Peaks.

    Points of Interest

    Icy Side

    Boggy's Igloo - An old friend from Freezeezy Peak resides in this green igloo. Stop in for a visit. You've seen his family before....

    Train Station - This station is only reachable by taking the train from another station, as it is iced over, and a mess. There is light (a yellow one) at the end of the tunnel though.....

    Oil Refinery - This old piece of machinery has been out of commission for years. Who knows if it even still works?

    Icicle Grotto - A frozen cave filled with icicles. It would be fun to base jump or glide through it....

    Mumbo's Skull/Humba's Wigwam - While there is one in every level, there is a special connection between these two. Mumbo and Humba would not be pleased...

    Lava Side

    Colosseum Kickball Stadium - Another kickball tournament is ready to begin. But how do you get in? All of the people here are stonies...

    The Mountain - There are a few different ways to tackle the mountain. Which path you choose is up to you.

    Train Station - You are able to access this train station, unlike the Icy Side. There is an upper entrance as well...


    Icy Side

    Humba Wumba - Humba's transformation in this world is the snowball. That's right, for the price of one glowbo, you can turn into frosty the snowman. He is useful for hitting switches. You can also gain mass by rolling in the snow. Be careful of the fire side however, or you may melt.

    Jamjars - On the Ice Side, Jamjars will teach a Kazooie-only move, the Glide skill. This allows Kazooie to glide down from higher heights.

    Boggy - Boggy is a character that first appeared in Banjo-Kazooie. He's gotten quite a bit bigger since those days.

    Sabreman - A mascot from Rare's earlier days. What does he have to say?

    Aliens - You saved them once before, under the water, but now they are frozen. What to do, what to do.....


    Biggy Foot
    Icicle Crystal

    Boss - Chilly Willy

    One of the dragon brothers, he doesn't like the fact that you haven't brought him a pizza. Put fire eggs in the cannon to silence this frosty foe.

    Lava Side

    Mumbo Jumbo - Mumbo's power in this level is to melt things. While you may think "My fire eggs will work just fine", some ice is just too thick. A few key characters are locked away in a frozen prison. Help them out with Mumbo.

    Jamrjars - On the lava side, Jamjars teaches a Banjo-only move, the shack pack. This move allows Banjo to put his empty backpack on his head, and move through small spaces and cracks.

    Gobi - An old friend is back, and he's taken his water to the train station. Maybe he could help you out....


    Hothead - These guys first made an appearance in the fire room of Witchyworld, but their home is in the Hailfire Peaks lava side.
    Hothand - A fiery hand reaching from the depths, better to avoid than get near.
    Fireball Gargoyle - They don't like intruders, and will spit fire at you if you come close.

    Boss - Chilli Billi

    A mighty dragon, he wants his pizza. You didn't bring it, and thus must put ice eggs in the cannons to douse this fiery foe.


    To Mayahem Temple - Via the Kickball Colosseum. This tournament needs one more participant. What stony among you will come forth?
    To Glitter Gulch Mine - You can see a chest, and you have the key....but how do you get there?
    To Terrydactyland - A Jiggy resides in an icy cave, but you have to mingle with the dinosaurs to get there.
    To Grunty Industries - Oil drill pipe. To get this machine working, you may have to venture to the factory.

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