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    Hajime Hirasawa

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    A Nintendo composer best known for his work on the original Star Fox, who left to form his own music company after working on two titles.

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    Graduating in March 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Musicology from the Osaka University of Arts, Hajime Hirasawa was hired as a composer at Nintendo the same year. Hirasawa's first project at Nintendo was Time Twist: On the Outskirts of History, a Japan-only sci-fi horror adventure game released in 1991 for the Famicom Disk System and co-developed by Nintendo and Pax Softonica. His second and much more well-known title was the 1993 SNES release of Star Fox, the beginning of Nintendo's 3D shooter franchise and the first game to use the SNES's Super FX chip.

    After completing his work on Star Fox in 1992, Hirasawa quit Nintendo to found Faith Inc., a music company that got its start working on MIDI music. The company hit it big with the advent of cell phone ringtones, and later expanded into new avenues including medical treatment, product consulting, and game development. Although Hirasawa hasn't personally been credited for working on a game since Star Fox, Sony Computer Entertainment used his company's "WebSynth" technology within the development environment of PS2 software, and Faith worked in some capacity on Gravity Co., Ltd.'s MMO Rose Online after the two companies formed a business alliance in 2005.


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