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Yoshinori Ono, Capcom producer, has noted that they intended Hakan to be a sort of "stepping stone" for newer players who are finding the Third Strike characters inaccessible or too hard to play. He loves his daughters, they are so pretty!


Hakan is the president of the world's leading edible oil manufacturer and a leader in Turkey's national sport of Yağlı güreş. His drive to fight in the Street Fighter tournament is not fueled by revenge or honor, but rather to have fun and make his cherished wife and seven daughters proud, along the way searching for the world's perfect oil recipe. Hakan has actually been close friends with E. Honda for years. During their travels, they finally encounter each other and, after a brief argument, want to prove to each other which style of fighting is the best in the world. When Hakan finished the tournament he is seen having a hand squeeze fight with E. Honda. Honda gave up and said they should have a rematch sometime and left. Hakan then decided to go to Japan because E. Honda also told him that there is good oil in Japan. So Hakan left with his wife and kids.


Hakan's colourful appearance is one of the more bizarre character designs in the game, with Capcom's community manager Seth Killian stating that the idea was to create another outlandish character similair to Blanka or Dhalsim. His bright, stone like "hair" is not a hat or a swimming cap but in fact an odd play on words. In the Japanese language the word for Turkey is "Toruko" and the word for stone is "Ishi". When combined you get "Toruko Ishi" - the Japanese word for turquoise.

He also bears more than a similar resemblance to the Street Fighter EX character " Darun Mister"


Hakan's moves revolve around the application of oil to his body. When he is "dry" he still maintains a slippery body and the same movesets, but when he applies oil he receives many advantages such as sliding further on the ground during his slide attack and having a longer range for his command throw. Application of oil makes him "glow" for a short amount of time, acting as a timer of sorts for his current oiling. Since his playstyle is based heavily on "oiling up" to achieve additional range, many of his attacks are designed to provide him the space needed to do so.

Oil Shower

Forward, Down, Down-Forward K: applies oil. Stronger K increases duration. EX version grants temporary immunity to projective. Changes move properties, most notably: ability to move while charging and performing a focus attack and increasing the range of all forward punch/kick by sliding forward.

Oil Slide

Quarter-Circle Forward P: sliding attack, can be followed up with a body slam while the opponent is grounded.

Oil Rocket

360 P: command throw. Weaker the punch, the greater distance the opponent is thrown (to facilitate an opportunity to use Oil Shower).

Oil Dive

360 K: command throw. Can be delayed by holding K, can catch airborne opponents but misses crouching opponents.

Super: Flying Oil Spin

Quarter-Circle Forward x 2 K: improved version of Oil Dive. Different properties depending on K used: light K = hit immunity, medium K = grab immunity, hard K = projectile immunity.

Ultra I: Oil Coaster

Hakan oiling up!
Hakan oiling up!

720 motion grab. Hakan throws his opponent in the air, and spins him/her around his oily body then throws them into the wall.

Ultra II: Oil Combination Hold

A "trap" ultra. Hakan quickly oils himself and lies on the ground. If the opponent happens to jump on Hakan in this position, the opponent slips on Hakan's body. Hakan grabs on and builds up pressure before releasing his opponent. The opponent is sent flying into the wall.

Fighting Style

Often underrated by most fighters, Hakan has an exceptional wake up game. His Slide hits low, his Oil Rocket is a command throw, he has an Air Throw, and if he has enough Ultra meter, he has his Oil Combination Hold if an opponent tries to cross up.

Without oil, Hakan is regarded as an exceptionally weak character, but with oil, he has an increased range with pretty much all of his attacks, most of his attacks take away more, and his Focus Attack has the best range in the game.

Hakan's Win Quotes

  • " I went easy on ya, amateur. You won't be so lucky next time! "
  • " If you like oil, you'll love my brand of cooking oil! Care for a free sample? "
  • " Using oil isn't cheating. You're welcome to oil up yourself, you know. "
  • " Never fought a Turkish wrestler before? Glad I could enlighten you! "
  • " Nothing makes me angrier than smokers. Don't they know fire is dangerous? "
  • " No, no Stay down! Don't get up on my account! Just relax! "
  • " Don't let it get to you. We all have days like this! You'll feel better soon! "
  • " Not bad! But you've got plenty of room for improvement! "
  • " Sorry about that! You're not hurt, are ya? "
  • " How about some oil? "
  • " I guess victory "slipped" from your grasp, eh? Wah hah ha ha ha! "

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