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Haku is an orphan born in the Land of the Wave, leaving to fight at Zabuza Momochi's side.  He has a rather androgynous appearance, to the extent that he is mistaken for a female when first met by Naruto.  He is notably feared for his advanced bloodline and known to dislike fighting, preferring to avoid killing if he can subdue his opponents instead. 

Haku is only shown in a few episodes before dying at the hands of Hatake Kakashi, proving his loyalty by intercepting an attack and dying in Zabuza's place.  As his last act Zabuza requests to be placed beside Haku before he dies, taking the time to thank Haku and hope that he will see him again.

Active Episodes;  9-18
Voice actors;  Susan Dalian (English),Mayumi Asano (Japanese Seiyū)

Known History

Haku was born in the Land of the Wave in a small snowy village.  His parents are seen briefly, but not much is known about them other than that his mother possessed an advanced bloodline.  He became an orphan when his father found out about his ability and attempted to kill him after killing Haku's mother, but Haku ended up killing him instead.  He was left as an unwanted orphan, taking to the streets and scavenged for food, surviving barely until he met Zabuza Momochi.

Zabuza knew of Haku's advanced bloodline and offered to take Haku with him, training him to become his weapon.  From that day on Zabuza taught Haku everything he knew and Haku quickly devoted himself to Zabuza's cause.  He fought for Zabuza and did anything, even kill, for his new master.

Known Jutsu

Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors- This technique is only permissible by Haku, or someone of the same bloodline, and can surround the opponent with mirrors which Haku can enter and travel between at great speed.  While in the mirrors the outside world appears to move in slow motion to Haku, allowing him to easily attack opponents with accuracy and prevent them escaping or even hitting him.  This technique requires a large amount of Chakra to maintain and also requires both hands to form the seals needed.

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death - This technique allows Haku to turn small puddles of water to ice and shape them into long needles, allowing him to attack from all sides.  He can use this technique with one-handed seals, and is only ever seen being used by Haku.

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