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    "I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!"

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    A playable boss character who takes himself way too seriously, Hakumen is a large fighter and a very pivotal part of BlazBlue's history.
    Through some time-travelling quirk that isn't very well explained, it is revealed that Hakumen is actually another version of Jin Kisaragi. Apparently, Hakumen is what Jin became after the time-loop where V-13 merged with Ragna to become the Black Beast and Jin fell through the same hole trying to catch them. Sometime after ending up on the other side, Rachel Alucard appeared to a wounded Jin and offered him the chance to be a "real hero." The story is kind of vague after that, but it seems that Jin accepted her offer and she somehow placed his spirit inside the SUSANOOH armor, and some time after that Hakumen picked up the Nox Nyctores "Zanma: Ookami" (or "Evil Slayer: Howling God") to use against the Black Beast. 
    Through the story mode, it is revealed that Hakumen is one of the legendary Six Heroes that stopped the Black Beast from destroying the world. Afterwards, he told the people of the world to "repent for their sins" in order to prevent a repeat of the event that would create the Black Beast. However, this didn't go over too well with the survivors of the war, who apparently felt so spiteful that they sealed Hakumen away in The Edge, a part of the Boundary where no time passes at all. 
    90 years later, thanks to the work of Kokonoe and Iron Tager, Hakumen was yanked from the Edge and transported into Kagutsuchi. Because of an error that happened during the transport, the current Hakumen only retains 20% of his original strength. Even so, Kokonoe seeks to find a way to separate Hakumen from the SUSANOOH armor that encases him, as she thinks that the armor might hold the key to killing Terumi. However, Hakumen is only interested in stopping the Black Beast from appearing again, and will not hesitate to kill Ragna or anyone else who he might consider a threat.
    At the end of Calamity Trigger, Hakumen was captured by Kokonoe and put in a special cell, but Rachel appears with an offer to help him escape if he will work for her in an effort to stop Terumi once and for all. Hakumen agrees, not wanting to be a lab rat for Kokonoe, and escapes with Rachel's help.

    In battle, Hakumen's "heat" bar functions differently than other characters, recharging on its own up to eight times over. Depending on the number of bars filled, different special attacks can be used. Not only does Hakumen's sword have a long reach, but his Drive ability allows him to counter almost any melee attack and damage the attacker when pressed at the right time. 


    Height: 208 cm
    Weight: 155 kg
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Origins: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Hobby: Unknown
    Likes: Order
    Dislikes: Black Beast

    Hakumen was one of the six heroes who battled against and defeated the Black Beast. Afterward, he was locked away in the area where the Sheol Gate was located beneath the grounds of the area. Hakumen follows a code of honor, and says that his sword will purify the world of sin and vanquish that which is evil.

    Specials and Combo Tips

     Joystick motion =   456  Attacks = ABCD
    5 being neutral, 6 being forward, 4 being backward, etc.

     -Note, the number in parenthesis is the number of magatama required. There are 8 levels total.

    Special attacks

    (1) - Guren: 236A: Lunges forward and thrusts with the hilt of his sword. Wall-bounces opponents if they were airborne or knocked down. Doesn't launch standing opponents. Useful for combos on launched opponents, as you can connect with a 6C and optional super afterward. on the ground it is an o.k combo piece if you were to say, do 2b>236a>623a~a. Alright to cancel your largely frame disadvantaged moves as a frame trap.

    Kishuu: 623A: A command dash of sorts. Has upper body invulnerability, so can be use to avoid certain attacks off the ground. Covers more distance than his normal dash, and can be canceled into as a combo extender. Decent for tick throws every once in awhile, but it fairly telegraphed so use it sparingly.

    (2) - Renka: 214B: Does a double kick combo which launches the opponent on either hit. The first hit is a low attack, and even reverse prorates (120%.) Has a fast start-up of 9 frames, so rolling to the other side of your opponent and canceling into Renka is a decently fast cross-up low which can lead to big damage in the corner.

    Enma: After Kishuu, press A: Cancels the command dash into an uppercut. Launches opponents on hit, and can be jump cancelled on hit or block. Useful for damage maximizing combos for only a total of 2 magatama. Can also be used as a counter hit bait due to its upper body invulnerability.

    Hotaru: j.214B: Hakumen does a diagonal kick upward, stopping air momentum. This move is insanely useful. Has shoryuken invulnerability (frames 1-14 invincible) but recovers quickly such that it's completely safe, makes for a great move if you really need one more hit to end the match. The move is jump cancelable and resets jump options, making it decent for extending mid screen air combos for more damage (j.B> j.C > j.214B > j.C.) On top of all of that, the move is considered GROUNDED even though it's in the air. This property is generally only given to 6A's and dragon-punches, and what it means is that it's unblockable in the air unless they IB (instant block) or barrier.

    (3) - Zantetsu: 41236C: Massive overhead slash for the first hit (must be blocked high), followed by a sweeping slash (must be blocked low). Safe on block, and does huge damage. can be comboed into from 214B(One hit), throws into the corner, and 5c during ground state. The damage output from this special alone is huge, making the magatama always worth it when it's a guaranteed hit. The 'mix-up' portion of this move is good at first, but players tend to adapt to watching for this overhead quickly as Hakumen doesn't really have block strings.

    Tsubaki: j.214C: Downward sword slash which knocks down opponents on hit. Can be used as an air combo ender, to knock down the opponent, or tigerkneed (2147C) as a quick overhead. If done low enough to the ground you can pick up a combo afterward.


    - cost 4 magatama

    Shippuu: 632146C: Huge downward sword slash which releases a projectile wave. You can charge this move and it becomes unblockable -- however, you aren't invincible while charging, and the opponent can just jump over it. If you predict their jump, you could try releasing it at the exact moment their jump startup occurs, but that's a guess that isn't in your favor. This move can still be canceled into other specials, as long as it hits/is blocked. The projectile wave deals significantly less damage than the initial hit of the super, but luckily the sword slash has great range so typically it's the part that connects. Good for combos off of 6C if you have the meter to spare.

    Yukikaze: 236236D: Counter super, active on the first frame and counters mid and high attacks. If it counters successfully, Hakumen does a long charge up and moves forward quickly with a big sword slash. If you counter physical attacks, you freeze the opponent (even if they Rapid their attack) making it a guaranteed hit. Countering projectiles causes the counter to work, but the opponent can move out of the way. The slash is unblockable, so generally they have to super-ump out of the way to get it.

    Mugen: 214214B: Costs 8 magatama, and Hakumen goes into a long super animation. From there his meter starts draining quickly, but while you still have meter you get infinite specials and supers. You cannot rapid cancel in this mode, and you can only do one j.214B per time you leave the ground. This is the mode where the infamous 100% combos originated, but it's fairly unpractical. I've heard you can do 6D > Mugen > Combo, but I haven't confirmed it, and 6D prorates a lot anyways so it's hardly worth it.

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