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    Half Elves

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    A Half Elf is the offspring of a human and an elf. In many cases, they are discriminated against by both humans and elves, which guides them to a nomadic life as bards, druids, or rangers.

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    Half Elves, as their name would suggest, are half Human and half Elf.  The Elven half is almost always from a Wood Elf, for the HIgh Elves do not see the Humans as equals.  While Half Elves are generally good-natured, they are often nomads as they are not fully accepted in either the Human or Elven cities.  Because of this, many Half Elves become Rangers or Druids wandering the wilderness.  Some become bards, travelling the world to their own tune.  Others struggle with their lack of acceptance and become rogues.  And occasionally, a Half Elf will choose to try and gain acceptance by becoming a Warrior or Paladin for their chosen home town, whether it is in QeynosFreeport, Kelethin, or rarely in Felwithe.  Half Elves do get infravision from their Elven parent and wear medium armor like their Human parent.  

    EverQuest II 

    Half Elves continue to thrive in the very different world of Norrath.

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