I really REALLY hope that they conclude the storyline.

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#1 Posted by papuccino1 (355 posts) -

I love the story surrounding the Half-Life universe as much as anyone, but we need some closure. We need to have some sort of conclusion to the great story started more than  6 years ago. 
How about it Valve? Will you let us see Mr. Freeman rest?

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#2 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

why are you starting this now? has anything been announced concerning the release?

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#3 Edited by PeasForFees (2420 posts) -

Says the guy who bumped 5 , 1 Year old Gta 4 Topics

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#4 Posted by RsistncE (4498 posts) -
@papuccino1: They already said several times that Episode 3 will be the end of the Freeman story line.
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Based on how Eli Vance said that Freeman had to destroy the Borealis (sp?) no matter what, I'm guessing some self-sacrifice of sorts.

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#6 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

I wouldn't be surprised if 'Episode 3' turned/turns into Half Life 3 somewhere along the way.  They've been very quiet about Half Life for a very long time.  I know they keep saying their employees get to choose what project they wanna work on, but you have to figure that a decent chunk of them would decide to stick with Half Life - widely regarded as a genuine classic franchise in video game history - rather than become part of a production line churning out L4D content.
It's surely been far too long for just another 3/4 hours of content slapped on top of the source engine?  There was ~ 1 year between E1 and E2 release.  If E3 came out next holiday that would be ~3 years since E2 release.

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#7 Posted by Bioderm (198 posts) -

I wouldnt mind it being HL3 or maybe a totaly new valve game 

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#8 Posted by PeasForFees (2420 posts) -

HL3 will likely use a new engine, but the source enginge is good enough to throw out another episode

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#9 Posted by Jared (607 posts) -

I really want a Half Life 3, let that be the closure game.

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