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Levio91 the game player reviews hl2.

Half Life 2: episode 2 is the third part of the Half Life 2 game, This game is much better than part 1 and Id say just as good as Half Life 2 but one part in this part is so epic feeling Id say that part beats any Half life 2 part. If you play like me youll learn to hate alexx shes always shooting monsters and makes the game too easy even on the hardest setting this game is just too easy but another thing youll hate about Alexx os she shoots monsters your trying to run over to get the achievement Hit and run. also if shes with you when your trying to get the achievement Hot potat0wned she kills the guy before you can kill him with his own grenade… even on hardest difficulty. another thing I hate is why Gordan hasnt gotten an assault rifle yet all he gets is that stupid smg that always runs out of ammo I want an AK 47 or even a sniper rifle we get a crossbow with a scope though… anyway the other good things is that fighting striders is awesome, the graphics got upgraded you get the option to turn on motion blur! this is awesome turn textures to low before you turn this off it makes thte game awesome make sure you have this on if its possible and you still get a good framerate, and this time you get some awesome achievments none of them are boring they are all awesome and fun I have all except these 4 if you want to keep updated on my achievment list go to
thats my steam id page.
I give this game a 5/5 because its nonstop fun with a few annoyances.

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