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    Halflings, also known as hobbits, average about three and a half feet tall. They have an innate affinity to nature and possess both the agility and dexterity to make great rogues. Halflings are generally good people, but also have a mischievous side that my infuriate others.

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    Originally the creations of wordsmith and professor, J. R. R. Tolkien, these diminutive humanoids have become some of the most recognizable fictional characters in the fantasy genre. Halflings first appeared in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings novels. The defining characteristics of halflings include their height, typically about three and a half feet tall; their youthful appearance, typically retaining their young appearance well into their fifties; and their large hairy feet that have thick enough skin that most halflings never wear shoes. Although subject to previous film adaptations, the concept of halflings jumped into the public limelight through the Peter Jackson films of 2001-2003.

    In Tolkien's books, halflings are mostly referred to as hobbits because the main characters are from a town in The Shire called Hobbiton. The generic name for this race of people is still "halfling" though.


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    Halflings are a humble, laid back race of people that live in the town of Rivervale, located in central Antonica. They are known across Norrath for their skills in both baking and brewing, most notably with jumjum. Most halflings are content with becoming farmers, merchants, fishermen, or crafters. But some halflings decide to journey outside of the thicket becoming some of the best druids and rogues the world has seen. Some join in the defense of the great wall and become warriors, and there are a few who join the Church of Mischief as devout clerics. Halflings have great agility and dexterity, with surprising strength for their size. They are also wiser than their laid back demeanor would lead most to believe. Although not very attractive, halflings are some of the kindest people you'll find. All halflings can see fairly well in the dark thanks to infravision and have +5 resistance to both poison and disease. Even the warriors, clerics, and druids have the ability to sneak and hide, and all halflings wear small armor.

    EverQuest II

    With the fall of Rivervale, halflings now make their home in the district of Qeynos known as Baubbleshire.

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    Halflings begin their quest in Rindol Field.


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