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    3rd Espada

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    Halibel 3rd Espada

    Halibel's Hollow mask
    Halibel's Hollow mask

    The only female Espada in Sosuke Aizen's army, Halibel wears the same color and pattern design clothing as the rest of the Espada except for some differences in style. Halibel's hollow mask covers her mouth down to her breasts, the mask is covered by her clothing. Halibel is a very serious person and has much respect amd sometimes concern, she also shows affection to her fraccion unlike other Espada.

    Powers and abilities


    Energy based attack that is released from the hand, power is ranked by color, red - green - purple.


    The technique used by Espada to travel between dimensions.


    Halibel's Zanpakuto
    Halibel's Zanpakuto

    Halibel's zanpakuto is a short wide sword, it is completely hollow (hollow part used to collect energy and be released as an attack when full) and only consists of its edges. The hilt is as wide as the blade itself and has three holes in the handle which are you used to hold depending on the circumstances.





    Pictured, Halibel's fraccion
    Pictured, Halibel's fraccion

    Has a tomboyish appearance, her mask is similar to a unicorn horn being located at the top center of her head, her Zanpakuto are the bracelets strapped to her arms.


    Dressing like an amazon woman she has dark skin, her mask is one piece of a three piece crown as well as a thick necklace, Her zanpakuto is a western style longsword.


    Sun-Sun has long sleeved with two belts that cross across her body in a cris cross pattern, her hairstyle is long and colored green she has three dots below her right eye. Sun-Sun's mask fragments are in her hair and on her right side, Her zanpakuto resembles a sai.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Martial Pacifist
    • Sonido Master
    • Keen Intellect
    • Immense strength and spiritual power
    • Swordsman specialist
    • Resurrecion
    • Intuitive Combatant
    • Enhanced strength and durability
    • Water Manipulation
    • Tiburón
    • Cascada
    • Cero
    • Grand Ray Cero
    • Extrasensory Perception
    • Energy Projection
    • Hierro
    • Transformation
    • Dimensional Travel
    • Soul Manipulation
    • BFR(via Caja Negacion)

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