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    Hall of Doors

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    The Hall of Doors is opened by the Teensies in Rayman 2. It allows Rayman to travel to all of the various places where he does battle with the pirates.

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    The Hall of Doors is the hub world or overworld of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. After freeing the Teensies in the first level, they show you the way to the Hall of Doors. You are then able to progress to new levels through here. The Hall itself is a large forest with a winding river flowing through it. Instead of water, the river is made up of the stars and galaxies. Here lie the portals to new worlds. The only obstacle in moving forward, is the fact that Rayman needs to collect Lums to open doors to the Sanctuaries. It is worth noting that the Hall Of Doors does not appear in Rayman 2's PS2 Remake: Rayman Revolution, as it was replaced with a free roaming mechanic


    • The Woods of Light: A bright stretch of woods with a stream running through
    • The Fairy Glade: An expansive glade, the first encounter with the Robot Pirates happens here. Ly the Fairy is imprisoned here.
    • The Marshes of Awakening: A winding marsh, Sssam is trapped here, and provides your transportation. The Cave of Bad Dreams is also accessible in the beginning of the level.
    • The Cave of Bad Dreams (after accessing it via the Marshes): A large cave with many passages, bony arms, skull platforms, and a fire breathing treasure guard.
    • The Bayou: A large swampy area, traversed on a rickety boardwalk. A pirate ship dogs your passage. The Walk of Life is accessed in the beginning.
    • The Walk of Life (after accessing it via the Bayou): A race with Ly. Simply complete it, and your health is replenished.
    • The Sanctuary of Water and Ice: The first Sanctuary, it is set by the sea. Your battle with Axel takes place here.
    • The Menhir Hills: A passage that is defined by its hills, as well as the way you must travel: On the back of a running rocket.
    • The Canopy: Among the treetops and heights, you travel along spiderwebs, free Globox, and masquerade as a bush.
    • Whale Bay: A watery level, Carmen the Whale is freed here. Much of your traveling is done underwater.
    • The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire: The second Sanctuary, it seems to be one of the biggest levels in the game. It is filled with stone passages and lava. Umber resides here.
    • The Echoing Caves: A mostly underground level, it is unique in that much of your travel is done by hanging onto a flaming barrel, and flying through the air.
    • The Precipice: A fast-paced level, your journey is along rickety boardwalks above a harrowing drop. A pirate ship is on your tail every step of the way.
    • The Top of the World: Aside from pirate dens, you ride in a chair in this on-the-rails level.
    • The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava: The third sanctuary, it is much like the first. It takes on a decidedly murkier tone. The Walk of Power is accessible in the beginning.
    • The Walk of Power (after accessing it via the Sanctuary): A race with Ly. Simply completing it grants you the power fist, staying with you through 3 hits.
    • Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava: Where your real test takes place, much of this level is traversed by using your new flying power. Foutch is fought here.
    • Tomb of the Ancients: A cemetery-esque level, complete with spiders, gravestones, zombie chickens, and a mind controlled Clark.
    • The Iron Mountains: An amalgam of challenges are needed to go through this level, which serves as the fourth sanctuary.
    • The Buccaneer: Your toughest test yet: the pirate ship. You face many tests, as well as Admiral Razorbeard.

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