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A solid shooter with a campaign that hasn't aged well 1

Played the Remastered Edition on Heroic DifficultyHalo: Combat Evolved proved that it is possible to create a competent shooter on consoles. Halo 2 is known as THE seminal console shooter, a system seller and the only reason the original XBox had a longer shelf life than it should have.I was not one of these players. I was a PC player that loved playing Counter Strike and going from Counter Strike to Halo 2, is no fair comparison. I want to be clear the shooting is solid. The Battle Rifle, Coven...

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I Would Have Been Your Daddy 0

Halo 2, approaching it's launch, was billed as one of the greatest games that we would ever see. Hype was giant, and the launch itself turned into a cultural phenomenon, with people across the country calling in "Sick" so they could get down with the latest Halo game. Now that we've all dusted Tartarus on Legendary, and pulled some all-nighters to get that level 30, did the game live up to it's hype? The answer is a resounding yes. Halo 2 can be described nothing short of amazing. Halo 2 will ...

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"It ain't over til' the fat lady sings" 0

I bought Halo 2 the day it was released, I walked into a shop just across from where I work, approached the counter where a short balding guy was playing street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the shops demo xbox. I said – as if it was a perfectly reasonable question -- “you got any copies of Halo 2 left?” The balding guy looked up at me, the sides of his mouth turned up just enough to show that something had amused him, and his shoulders jolted slightly as he allowed a small chuckle. “No chan...

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Campaign a Few Hours, Go Online a Few Years 0

Three years ago, a little game called Halo was released and showed Xbox owners and skeptics alike that Microsoft was serious about staking claim to the console market.  Halo gave gamers an epic campaign mode and the most addictive multiplayer experience this side of Hungry Hungry Hippos.  The original is widely considered as the best console shooter game of all time, and some would even go as far as to say that it is the best game of this console generation.  So when you're already the best...

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Halo 2 is an flawed yet enjoyable shooter 1

In November of 2001, Bungie released a game called Halo. It became the selling point of the then fledgling Xbox and brought with it legions of followers who aptly awaited a sequel. In 2004, Bungie answered their prayers with the release of Halo 2. Continuing the epic tale of humanity's struggle against the alien alliance known as the Covenant, Halo 2 fine tunes Halo 1's already oiled gunplay to shining new heights. Sadly, the bar has been raised since 2001, and the formula which seemed so remark...

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I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews. 0

I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not be able to post reviews.I am a banned user and should not b...

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An Absolute Masterpiece 0

Halo 2 for XBoxThis game is a masterpiece. Normally, I'm not a big 1st-person shooter fan, because they're about a dime-a-dozen since 007: Goldeneye arrived to the gaming industry. Yet I still absolutely fell in love with this game! It is even better than the first. It's basically the same game as the 1st game, but with even better graphics, better dialogue, and a much more fleshed-out story. Not too mention the VAST improvements to the multiplayer part of the game.What initially drew me in was ...

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Mini Review: Halo 2 Anniversary 0

Originally Halo 2 left a bad impression on me for the fact that I had to wait till the next game to see what happened next. It also felt like a short game yet revisiting it now I realize that I was wrong. Bungie keeps the story interesting with two opposing viewpoints that eventually merge together. Along with the nice looking CG cut scenes that kept me wanting to keep playing just to see the next one. The gameplay has also been augmented with the ability to dual wield two guns. Which allows the...

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The sequel that still holds up 0

Halo 2. What can you say. You either hate it or love it. Just like Halo:Combat Evolved. Many say this sequel was a complete let down and was overhyped. But the majority of xbox owners love this game and waste-spent a great deal of hours on this game. Gameplay: What can you say. Bungie mastered it. The gameplay is perfect. I can't think of one thing wrong with it. It is what you expect from a FPS. It has a number of different guns, grenades, sticky grenades and of course the energy blade. Which ...

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Halo 2: There but not quite 1

Ok i got Halo 2 because for my birthday i got a $25 gift card, most PC games are at that now so i figured, hey ill get halo 2 and look! you can play people on 360 too!! so i was like, it might not be a bad purchase, here's why i gave it a 3.StoryThis is Probably the only thing Halo 2 has... and lots of it. The story line is kinda of deep and gets you drawn into it and pretty much the only reason why you want to keep playing the game, to find out what happens next. Another thing that keeps the st...

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Limited Edition reviewed. 0

(I'm focusing on the entire Limited Edition package in this review so if you're curious, read on.) Halo 2 is a hit or miss game depending how much of a fan you are. I've been a huge fan of Halo ever since the original came out and it was the first game I got for the Xbox and the only reason I got the Xbox in the first place. So after three long years waiting for the inevitable sequel, did the game satisfy me? Yes and no. Let's get down to the gameplay, Halo 2 is still a lot of fun. The core ga...

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The sequel to the game that sold Xbox systems. 0

Halo 2 seems to have disappointed a lot of fans, while also attracting many new ones. I'm a fan of the series as a whole, and still consider Halo 2 to be a solid and worthy addition to the series.This game really was a graphics standout when it came out. it pushed the original Xbox to its limits. I don't think there was a better looking game at the time for consoles in my opinion. This isn't to say it didn't have its share of problems. Indeed it had its share of texture pop in and frame rate iss...

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The next to best FPS for xbox 0

While some say Halo Combat evolved is better than Halo 2 They are both great in their own way. While halo 2 has better multiplayer and Halo CE has a hell of a good campaign. Im going to start with single player first so here goes nothing.The games campaign starts you out almost the excact same way in Halo ce meaning that you start out at your base which makes the game feel like its repeating its self which is good and bad.So anyway in halo ce you learn about "Halo" And in Halo 2 you learn that t...

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I don't feel like Master Chief 1

There’s no weight. This describes my overall impression of Halo right now. While playing and the time after I beat Halo 2 I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that makes the game so beloved, yet leaves me rather cold. I even did research to see what other first person shooters existed at the time in order to give some proper context to see if I was expecting too much from the game.Years ago I played the original Halo on my Mac (which means I played it a year or two after its initial release...

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Halo 2 PC review 0

When i first played the original Halo i was hooked on its suprisingly original story and handcrafted world filled with intresting and (mostly) likable characters, so when i got a chance to pick up Halo 2 i had pretty reasonable expectations, Let me stop you there, before you continue reading my review you should know that i love the Halo games for their Design and single player qualities NOT their multiplayer so this review will be about the single player experience of Halo 2 as i can't stand th...

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Xbox Owners know this game well. 0

First, I got to say that Xbox Live owners only should get this game because of it's multiplayer. Because the single-player campaign is finish within a day. If you want a challenge try the highest difficulty mode, you'll have quite a challenge trust me. I was so disappointed by this game at first because the story doesn't follow exactly after Halo is destroyed and you never get to go to Earth. When I watched the ending I thought it was a joke, because the credits showed up after 10 hours of gamep...

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Halo 2 Review: A Monument to all your sins 0

 Halo 2 picks up right from where Combat Evolved left us, with Master Chief making his return to Earth as a hero. The Chief receives a warm welcome when he reached the military command defences around earth, especially from Admiral Lord Hood who is a new character voiced by Ron Pearlman. Having received your commendations you travel through the station to the armoury. As you begin to relax after a job well done, a Covenant fleet jumps into orbit and attacks, throwing you back into the fray. The ...

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Symbolic of the disaster that was Windows Vista 0

The Halo series has achieved legendary status on the XBox, and with good reason. The first game is probably the finest console shooter ever made. It featured an unparalleled combination of weapon balance, enemy AI, great use of vehicles, and an unforgettable soundtrack. It also featured an excellent regenerating shields mechanic that was so successful that it has become a popular feature emulated by many other shooters. A port of Halo came to the PC in 2003, and even though the port seemed slopp...

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Second verse, different than the first 0

  After the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, you would think the sequel couldn’t live up to the hype, and in some cases that would be right. The amount of hype leading up to Halo 2 was tremendous, fans were lining up for the midnight release, advertisements were literally everywhere, news stations were reporting about the hype even. With so much hype around this game, transforming it into a phenomenon it was literally impossible for it to live even close to it. The minute the fans put th...

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Revolutionary In every way 0

The gameplay is revolutionary and the gameplay is perfect and its the best halo game i ever played and i recommend this game so bad because its fun and there allot of people playing online at this game. You've got allot of things to do on xbox live like capture the flag and allot more and i was happy to spend my time playing this game. If you want to buy this game i reccomend you to get Halo 1 because you'll understand the story better. I beated halo 1 and now i play this game. And online makes ...

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A worthy sequel that does boast some flaws 0

Halo 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved which both happen to be created by the same developer Bungie. Does the game meet up to the hype? Find out in my personal review of the game.    Gameplay: The gameplay in Halo 2 is exactly the same as the gameplay found in Halo: Combat Evolved which is a good thing since the gameplay in that game was fantastic. There have been a couple of new gameplay twists added to the game for good measure which are all balanced and great addition...

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One Word Review - Evolved 0

When Combat Evolved came to the Xbox people saw it as a new beginning for console FPS games. No longer would Goldeneye 007 be the end all be all of console FPS games. The first Halo game showed us what a good FPS game could handle like. It also gave us an Orson Scott Card-like story that many people still hold in very high regard. It was the one game that moved us more towards console dominance. The second game, unlike most game sequels, kept everything that was good and added other things to ma...

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Halo 2 0

Halo 2 is basically a repeat of the first game; a fun, solid, but probably a little overrated shooter, which fixes some of the original's problems but has some of its own. It seems like there's a step backward for every step forward. You now have the ability to dual wield certain weapons, but doing so prevents you from using melee attacks without dropping the second gun or grenades or grenades at all, limiting your diversity in combat. Dual wielding allows for some interesting new strategies and...

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Being a huge Halo fan Myself, I'd thought I'd be giving this a 5. 1

Well, I made the jump to Vista and I am satisfied with its amazing stability, but Halo 2, leaves a hole in my heart.  First thing I noticed about this game was that it was built more around a 360 controller than anything, this is a pc game, then when I decide to jump into a multiplayer game(Im in Halo 2 mostly for the multiplayer), I notice a thing I wouldn't hope to notice, THE MOUSE FREAKING LAGS AND POSSIBLY THE KEYBOARD TOO!!!  Now my pc doesnt fail at any degree, but to my suprise the game ...

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Halo 2 On Vista Makes The Mistake Of Being Just A Port 0

Now don't get me wrong I do like this game. It plays well but the problem is it plays exactly like the Xbox version. This is by far the better version of Halo 2. Custom maps, server browsing, and better graphics put it ahead of it's console twin. First the graphics. On a basic machine running Vista you will not notice much difference from the Xbox version although they are passable but cannot compete with newer games like Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4, or Crysis. The loading of e...

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Such a wasted opportunity to create something great 0

You reprise your role as the "Master Chief" doing battle with the Covenant and the Flood.Good Points:Decent enough story.Good voice acting.Dual wield.Bad Points:Awful graphics.Multiplayer on LIVE.Vista only...yeah right!Halo 2 has a decent enough story but there are things that aren't explained at all. How did they get back to Earth? How did Johnson survive the Flood attack? All of these questions aren't answered in the game but thankfully are answered in the book.Good voice acting is allways a ...

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Abysmal singleplayer. Legendary multiplayer is no longer. 0

 Having finally picked up an Xbox 360 and catching up on the platform’s exclusives, I’m a good six years too late to Halo 2. While the first Halo still stands out as an excellent single-player FPS well-worth playing through, I can’t say the same for Halo 2. The main attraction in this legendary sequel was its platform-defining multiplayer. Now that Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on the first Xbox’s Live network, you’re unable to experience Halo 2’s strong suit. What’s left is a overwritte...

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A fabulous shooter. 1

While it's not the best sequel we've ever seen, it works for me. This fabulous shooter has great graphics, fantastic gameplay, and entertaining character customization. The Campaign's difficulty is fairly challenging, but the ability to play Campaign with a buddy lowers the difficulty level a lot. While the darkness of levels can get in the way, the flashlight has a fairly strong effect to fix the problem of dark levels. Overall, the game has occasional lighting problems, but the superb gameplay...

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Better in every way. 0

this game is a magnificent achievement. in addition to improving on the original in almost every single way thinkable, bungie has added an online infrastructure that set the bar for xbox live on the 360.the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is akin to a space-themed shooter, but is polished and refined to oblivion. there are a quite a few glitches with the multiplayer but they are all really fun. for instance, i spent many more hours getting out of maps and exploring glitches and secrets than a...

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