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To Finish The Fight

This game was the most hyped game last year and with its game play, story, and multi player all as great as they are it deserved all the hype it got. The story takes roughly 8 hours to beat on normal and 12 on legendary and basically you finish the fight! The story is good and wraps up well. Moving on to the multi player is what made this game what it truly is. Halo is extremely addiction online with its new and improved ranking system that will have you playing online for hours. There is also a forge/level editor to customize your own levels. There is also a co-op for single player which will allow you and your friends to play the campaign cooperatively, this will help tremendously on Legendary difficulty if your having any trouble, and any trouble getting the skulls in which you find throughout the game on campaign. With all of this, this game is great in all aspects and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun and enjoys first person shooters.

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