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Halo 3... pretty good but.. part 1

OVERVIEW: halo 3 is fun. the mulitplayer is fucking great (hold the lag please). the campain i though was good but we all knew what was going to happen anyway. chief isen't dead so i guess thers's going to be a 4th which is cool i guess. the best part of the game though i think is forging. because you can edit the map in mostly anyway you want is so cool. you gotta be good at it tohugh to make it cool. along side with forge is infection. infection is great but only of good maps.
RANKED: this is fun. but only until you reach your match. then it gets hard. only hard because the people you now plau are as fucking amazing as you are. for example my one friend had a saying, it was "if you charge you die!". but most the time for me i would charge and kill more that one of the enemy before i died. i infact died but i killed more of them at a time. but now alot of the people i play now are just a crazy. i find it pretty cool though that they gave us ranks and skill levels. i'm a level 45 brigader. i am content there and don't ever plan on becmoing a general. getting to 50 is just too hard for me. i know that alot of you have gotten to 50 but i don't care. i like the blue birdy better than the catalac sign.LoL. Lonewovles-cool, team slayer- awesoume, team control-fucking great but they got rid of it, team objective-never realy play it so no comment, BTB-llllaaaaggggyyyy as fuck.
SOCIAL: social it really fun to grief in and to get a little better at halo 3 if you suck. but now because of the new acheivements social is great cause you can now get most of them easily.
FORGE: forge is fucking awesoume. but if your bad at forging, like me, then its just better to adjust other's maps to your liking. but if your good at it then please keep doing it. i've seen alot of cool shit. my favorite todate is SharkandGuppies. there are also many glitches that you can do in forge which is just as cool.
CUSTOM: well this is the same old same old unless if you got a fun map. infection is great. BUT ONLY ON GOOD MAPS!. if you play halo alot and people tell you that your maps suck then STOP HOSTING GAMES!.
CAMPAIN: the campain was pretty cool. now that you can get the skulls on normal makes it better. but it just wasn't as fun as halo 2's campain. graphics way better, gameplay to, but it was missing something.

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