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Master Chief is Back and Even More Bad Ass Than Ever!


The Good:Lets just say the campaign was absolutely epic! The Skulls and Terminals Also Can Be Addicting and Worth Finding If Your an Achievement Addicted Person Like I Am. Everything Also Seemed To Feel Right. The Vehicles, Weapons, and Environment for The Scenario You Are In Just is Perfect. I Also Never Knew What Was Going To Happen Next and The Game Constantly Kept You On The Edge Of Your Seat and Very Addicted. Also Jumping Into The Campaign With 1, 2, or 3 of your friends is very fun.

The Bad: The Only Bad Thing Was The Second To Last Level "Cortana". Although it was the right environment I didn't care for it because it seemed to become overwhelming but that is just my personal opinion on it and some people may love it. Other than that one level it was so good. Your Teammates Are Absolutely Awful at Driving and Can Sometimes Get You Angered.


The Good: The Multiplayer of Halo 3 is another great part of it. With Lag Free Servers, Great Maps, and Fun Vehicles, the Halo series succeeds once again with heaving great multiplayer. If your playing with your friends locally or online talking to new people you are almost guaranteed to have a good time. There may be annoying trash talkers but that is obviously not the games fault.

The Bad: No Coagulation or Blood Gulch :(

Additional Features:

The Good: Some new features bungie added were the Forge and Theater. Both of them can lead to great fun. You can design some awesome new game modes and features with the forge and show them to your friends which leads to great fun. Want to remember an epic moment? The theater system is there. If your pwning n00bs in multiplayer, messing around with friends, or want to save some cool mission on the campaign you can.

The Bad: Forge takes some time so if you are impatient this may not be for you. Theater controls can be a bit aggravating at times.

Overall Halo 3 is an Amazing Game and Highly Recommend To Anyone With an Xbox 360.

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